Help Yourself with Hand Reflexology

Here are my 10 tips for hand reflexology - give them a try.

  1. Hand reflexology is an easy and discreet alternative to foot reflexology, and can be done anywhere at any time. Do each technique on both hands.
  2. Got a headache? Pinch and gently massage the webbing between your thumb and first finger. DON’T DO THIS IF YOU’RE PREGNANT!
  3. As an alternative to 2, or if you are pregnant, massage the pads of your thumbs gently but thoroughly.
  4. Stuffy congested nose? Massage all your fingers working from the base to the tips, then pull briskly and firmly on each finger from base to tip.
  5. Tip 4 is also helpful if you’re in an aircraft and your ears and sinuses are feeling the cabin pressure.
  6. If cabin pressure is affecting your ears you can also pinch the webbing between your third and fourth fingers.
  7. If you’ve got nausea or heartburn, ‘draw’ an imaginary line between the base of your knuckle on your first finger, and the base of your knuckle on your little finger. Work along the line in both directions, using a ‘press and crawl’ motion imitating the movement of a caterpillar.
  8. If you’ve got hiccups, or butterflies in your tummy, place your thumb in the centre of the other hand’s palm and press as you breathe in slowly. As you breathe out, release the pressure.
  9. Points 4 and 8 are useful for babies and children, but use a very gentle pressure. 4 can help baby with the pain of teething too.
  10. Though hand reflexology is great for self help, nothing beats a foot reflexology treatment with a trained therapist!

Siobhan Elliot