The Yummiest Mummy of them all….

Jude Katz

Jude (29) from Henley-on-Thames, was found after a gruelling four-month nationwide search by Schwarzkopf for their ‘Be Yourself’ campaign which launched on Coleen McLoughlin’s hit ITV2 show Coleen’s Real Women. The campaign sought five real women to be the faces of the five shampoo and conditioner products in the Supersoft Smoothies range.

But has Jude’s life changed since being cast into the limelight and crowned the face of Supersoft’s Yoghurt & Lime Smoothie shampoo and conditioner.


“I still have to pinch myself and remind myself it’s real! When I entered the competition, I never dreamed I would one day be the face of a national brand and appearing in glossy magazines! It means the world to me. Apart from having something to show the grandchildren it’s completely different to my current life at home with my 18-month old daughter Miranda. It’s certainly a far cry from changing nappies.

“It’s so exciting to be involved in a campaign you can believe in. I love the idea of using real women to front big brands. I think it gives out a really positive message – that with the right products and attitude, beauty can be natural and achievable for everyone. I hope when she’s older Miranda will be really proud of her Mum.

“After Miranda was born, all my nice glossy pregnancy hair went down the drain. I mean literally…my hair got quite thin and I was forever searching for something that would lift it at the roots. Luckily it’s grown back now but it can still go a bit limp – usually when I need it to look good!

“Being a busy mum means I only get around five minutes to do my hair every day. If I get to blow dry it I’m lucky! Supersoft Yoghurt & Lime Smoothie gives me great lift at the roots but keeps my hair smooth and glossy. I don’t need to use anything else.”

Supersoft Smoothies are priced around £1.79 and are available nationwide.

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