Ten Tips For Keeping Young

Gwyneth Davies

Even if you were fortunate enough to be born with great genes, skin ageing catches up with us all sooner or later – and it’s usually around the time we hit the big ´50´ when hormone levels dip and skin starts to lose its youthful bounce. Apart from including Imedeen skincare tablets in your beauty routine – essential! - there are some simple changes that can help make a difference:

1. Skin is much more susceptible to sun damage after menopause, check out skincare or make-up products with the highest SPFs

2. Make sure you include ´good´ oils in your diet, such as olive, flaxseed or fish oils which help combat skin dryness. Drink plenty of water – it really does help!

3. Increase your anti-oxidant intake to combat free radical damage that accelerates skin ageing. Darker/brighter skinned fruit and vegetables are higher in anti-oxidants – berries are a brilliant source.

4. Consider a skincare serum – they really are worth the investment and have an instant impact. Imedeen Expression Line control serum can help boost the effects of the skincare tablets as well as having a Botox-like smoothing effect – genius!

5. It’s also worth investing in a specialist cream for neck and décolletage areas - along with the hands, these are the big age-giveaways. The skin on the neck is thinner and more prone to lines and loss of firmness – and the most neglected! At least make sure you use your face creams – and not just body lotion – on these delicate areas.

6. Take lukewarm baths or showers – the hotter the temperature the more natural oils are removed from the skin.

7. Apply body lotion immediately after a bath or shower when skin is still damp to seal in moisture.

8. If central heating is switched on, put a bowl of water by radiators to act as a humidifier and help counteract dehydrated skin.

9. Exercise is a great radiance booster. Twenty or 30 minutes daily is all you need to boost circulation and get skin glowing.

10. Get your beauty sleep. Skin cells regenerate at night so it’s important to get at least 8 hours slumber. A warm milky drink before bed really can help as it contains tryptophan which encourages relaxation.