'Grow Some Sunshine' To Support Our NHS Heroes

‘Grow Some Sunshine’ To Support Our NHS Heroes

‘Grow Some Sunshine’ To Support Our NHS Heroes – In these uncertain times, there is one thing which we can always be sure of, NHS and other frontline workers will go above and beyond what is needed to look after us with all the care and love possible.  So, when the Burpee Europe team were approached by David Hurrion to donate a mountain of free Sunflower ‘Pikes Peak’ seeds for a campaign to support these amazing heroes, they jumped at the chance!

The ‘Grow Some Sunshine’ campaign is all about bringing families and communities together to grow some giant sunflower seeds this summer so their happy, smiley faces will shine out as an enormous THANK YOU to the NHS teams that are at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Crowdfunder Campaign will allow everyone to nurture and grow a nationwide crop of sunflowers this summer in recognition of the huge effort made by the NHS and essential workers, as a beacon of hope for the end of the pandemic and to make the country smile too! And at the same time, we want to raise much-needed funds for charity. 

Donate today and we’ll send you 8 giant ‘Pike’s Peak’ sunflower seeds to sow and grow in a prominent place where everyone can see them. And by joining our dedicated Facebook page to post your growing stories and sunflower photos, you’ll be able to see who grows the tallest and biggest flowers. 

Grow Some Sunshine is a great way to get children and adults alike to grow and nurture seeds and plants – plus everyone can be involved in comparing and sharing their results on social media. And later in the year, there’ll be huge sunflower seedheads all across the UK that’ll help feed our garden birds and wildlife.   

THANK YOU to all those that have supported the Grow Some Sunshine campaign so far by spreading the sunflower love!To help those who have received their seeds get started we have now uploaded our How To Sow Some Sunshine video on YouTube. Subscribe to the channel while you’re there and you’ll get updates on more Grow Some Sunshine growing and planting tips over the next few weeks.

And don’t forget to get involved on Social Media by joining their dedicated Facebook Group where you can share your growing success and pictures.

Meantime, please Share The Sunshine by telling family and friends about the campaign, so we can all make a BIG difference.

#Grow Some Sunshine

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