Grooming Tips for Important Video Calls

Grooming Tips for Important Video Calls

Grooming Tips for Important Video Calls – While video calls certainly aren’t new technology, 2020 has certainly thrown them into the spotlight like never before. As businesses shuttered around the world to help slow the spread of COVID-19, video calls suddenly became the lifeline for many, allowing employees, partners, vendors, and customers to still have that “one-on-one” meeting. 

Of course, with those video calls, there is some etiquette when it comes to your grooming. Just because you may be working from your home office, doesn’t mean you want to show up for your meetings in your loungewear. With that said we’ve gone ahead and put together some basic grooming tips that will be perfect for important video calls.

Focus on What’s Visible on Camera

The first tip is to think about what will be visible on camera. Typically, it is only from the waist or chest up, so you can stick with your comfy pants or shorts on the bottom. If your workplace was the type where men were dressed in business wear such as a shirt and tie, you should do the same for your meetings. For women, it’s the same rule; whatever you wore in the office should be the same for the video call.

Get that Gorgeous Smile You’ve Been Wanting

You may also want to use this time at home to give an aligner a try in order to straighten your teeth and get that gorgeous smile you’ve been wanting. When you feel good about your smile, that confidence exudes from you, which will be noticed by employees, your boss, and even your clients. Confidence can help you to be surer of yourself and the decisions you make.

Night-time clear aligners are discreet, comfortable, and very easy to use. You can consider some night time clear aligners such as those offered by Straight my Teeth. Simply wear the aligner for 8-10 hours daily (the overnight hours), and then you can enjoy your regular daytime routine aligner free. This means there is no stress about taking the aligner out each time you eat and drink. It’s simple and gets you the results you were after.

Add a Little Makeup to Ensure You Have Dimension

For women, it’s also a good tip to add a little makeup as this will give you dimension on camera and ensure you don’t look “flat”. That doesn’t mean you need to go with a full face of makeup, just a few basics is all you need. A little concealer under the eyes to brighten up your look, perhaps some mascara and even a little gloss or lipstick can ensure you look fresh and awake.

Give Your Hair a Quick Comb

Perhaps you’re like a lot of other people out there who have let their hair get a little wild since salons were closed for a while. If you haven’t had a chance to get your hair done, a comb, hair gel, or hairspray can be your friend. For women, a low ponytail is always a professional and put-together look.

Look Professional and Ready for Your Meeting

By following these simple grooming tips, you’ll look professional and ready for your video conference.

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