Go Green with FAIR SQUARED

Go Green with FAIR SQUARED

Go Green with FAIR SQUARED – With lockdown restrictions still in place, shopping online has now become the ‘norm’. Our choices of where to shop have expanded in front of our very eyes, all in the comfort of your own home!

On a recent quest to find a first-class hand cream, armed with my Yuka App, I first discovered FAIR SQUARED in Wholefoods. To my delight they have a Fairtrade online shop too. This is a sustainable online platform for consumers seeking ethically and ecologically responsible products which are not sold at the expense of poorer people.

Since the foundation of FAIR SQUARED, their philosophy is to help all people who are involved in the product production process, aiming to improve their life and working conditions. As a company they are convinced that a sustainable future is only possible by involving fellow humans and the planet into the process as far as possible. Including things many of us may take for granted like poverty, hunger, Health and well-being, High-quality education, Clean water and sanitations and Humane working conditions and economic growth.

I also admire their working principle of zero waste. The term Zero Waste lifestyle is coined for the approach to lead a life with a minimum of waste being produced. All in all, the production of unnecessary materials is avoided. 

In its core, Zero Waste means to reduce the carbon footprint and to put a stop to excessive consumption and plastic waste. As a sustainably acting company it is important as a company to do their bit to make the world a better place. Therefore, with the help of stockists and customers Fair Squared have become part of the Zero Waste movement. The cosmetics are available in smart and trendy returnable glass jars and bottles. They are completely plastic-free including the packaging materials. 

I have tried a number of their products now, all with positive results:

FAIR SQUARED Hand Cream Classic Olive

FAIR SQUARED Hand Cream Classic Olive – this will nourish dry, chapped skin leaving your hands supple and smooth. A rich cream that moisturises and protects the skin from signs of premature ageing. Easy to apply and absorbed quickly.  With Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine. 

Olive oil is well known for nurturing the skin. it is said to contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamin A and E which may have a positive anti-ageing effect. Since the chemical structure of olive oil is quite similar to that of the human skin, it is recommended for caring dry, sensitive skins.

FAIR SQUARED Intimate Washing Lotion Apricot

It can be challenging finding the correct product for the more intimate areas of your body, however, FAIR SQUARED Intimate Washing Lotion Apricot 500ml pH 4.5 I give top marks. This washing lotion can be used extremely sparingly. It maintains and protects the natural pH balance of the skin in the genital area and is suitable for daily use. With its mild natural surfactants, it is a good choice for sensitive skin and people suffering from allergies. Helps to prevent skin irritations and leaves the skin soft and supple. With Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan and Fairtrade green tea from India.

The oil from the kernels of ripe apricots is often recommended for dry and sensitive skins, because of its soothing effect.

Green tea is said to have a soothing effect on skins which tend to blemish. This is due to its high amount of zinc. 

FAIR SQUARED Toothpaste Coconut

Zero Waste for dental care – Fair Squared now offer toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth oil in their popular brown glass. I have been using the FAIR SQUARED Toothpaste Coconut for some time now, it has a great taste and certainly does the job intended as coconut oil is known for its gentle, cleansing and bad-breath-preventing effect. The toothpaste also contains fluoride.

A little reserved at first, I am now a firm advocate for refillable jars. My only concern for the toothpaste was the hygiene aspect, however overcome with a small spoon, I now have it sorted.

As well as online availability, the different body care products can for example be found in organic stores, health food shops, and pharmacies as well as more and more so-called Zero Waste stores. More information about FAIR SQUARED can be found on their website here 

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