Get fit for the New Year with Emma Willis

Get fit for the New Year with Emma Willis

Get fit for the New Year with Emma Willis – Our favourite presenter-turned-designer is back, with a new range to kick off 2020! The first-ever Emma Willis sportswear capsule with Next offers the perfect outfit for every kind of workout, from boxing to yoga and even swimming.

“With a hectic work schedule and busy family life, exercising is important to me; it really helps me to stay focused and feel strong. Adding sportswear to the collection felt like a natural fit, there are pieces suitable for any workout and we’ve also included some super comfy hoodies and joggers too”. 

Emma Willis

Your New Workout Wardrobe

From jewellery to sportswear, Emma has shown herself to be creative and daring. This latest collection is a combination of graphic prints and bright pops of neon colours within her swimsuits, crop tops and leggings.

The edit has two legging styles, which incorporate a four-way stretch technology, and a deep waistband so you can stay put while exercising. These can be paired with comfy, figure-hugging sports bras. 

There’s one design that’s perfect for those looking for a simple underwired black option with full cup support and another option for those looking to stand out: a soft graphic printed crop top style with racerback detail.

The former Celebrity Big Brother presenter has specifically designed sporty swimsuits for those who would rather swim lengths than sweat it out on a treadmill. These are designed to be functional with plenty of support from the discrete built-in cups, which are perfect for any impact workout! 

Recovery is important post-workout, and to help you feel relaxed, Emma has added a two-piece relaxed tracksuit and an overhead sweatshirt with thumb detailing. Wearing this soft and cosy charcoal grey hooded sweater and cuffed jogger will make you feel right at home. The overhead sweatshirt’s rust colour pop was definitely made to make you feel comfy and stylish!

Emma’s Health Boost

Emma believes that taking care of both physical and mental health is the way to go. 

“I’m doing it to stay strong and stay able as I get older”, the presenter explains when asked about her gym habits. She takes her fitness routine week by week, meaning she doesn’t exert too much pressure on herself by setting a strict or unrealistic routine when it comes to working out.

The mum-of-three pays attention to her mental health as well as her physical health too by making sure she sets aside time for herself and self-care.

When it comes to diet, her current meal plan involves an omelette for breakfast, followed by a salad or soup for lunch and a nutrient-rich dinner such as homemade stew or roasted vegetables with meat.

She’s on a bit of a health kick after an indulgent month of December. To restore the balance, her healthy food hack for January is to go sugar-free. 

The Emma Willis Sportswear Collection is available online and in-store for all your sportswear needs. All items are available in either sizes 6-22 or XS-XXL, in high-performing moisture-wicking material. Take a step in the right direction this decade and support your own well-being with our tips on staying on top of your health!

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