Geomag’s Eco-Friendly Magicube

Geomag’s Eco-Friendly Magicube

Geomag’s Eco-Friendly Magicube – Being a firm believer in educational toys for children, Women Talking were thrilled to be able to get to grips with Geomag’s Eco-Friendly Magicube. Not only the perfect play pal for encouraging stimulating play but also the assurance that Geomag has embraced the philosophy of the circular economy: an economy designed to minimize the use of natural raw materials through the greatest possible reuse of waste. 

Geomag believes that a high level of sustainability must become an everyday aspect of all products, particularly toys. That’s why their new 100% recycled plastic has one fundamental characteristic: it is no different from the Geomag you already know and love… same quality, same fun!

Geomag’s Eco-Friendly Magicube

Life is full of experiences that we cherish, enjoy and embrace, one being the milestones of our children’s achievements. We watch them learn, from building with blocks, counting to ten, or remembering the alphabet.  When interacting with young Bonnie playing with Geomag, she was totally absorbed with her creations. Satisfied with the results and motivated with positive encouragement.

Since 1998 Geomag has been creating award-winning and STEM-enriched toys that help children’s playtime become enriched with educational principles.

Magicube is a unique building block system made up of magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all six sides.

What started out as the original Magicube system has now become a whole new world of magnetic building blocks with the new Magicube Shapes and new Full-Colour Lines Importantly the new shapes are all fully compatible with all other cubes within the Magicube platform.  

Magicube’s intuitive system encourages children to learn and master a range of skills including problem-solving, motor skills, hand/eye coordination, building, colour recognition and counting.  The individual cubes and shapes can be attached with the hidden internal magnets meaning the cubes can very quickly become structures like cars, birds, houses, or planes. The wonder of Magicube is that the cubes can be made into absolutely anything a child wants, as simple or complex as their imagination allows them

New 2021 items in the Magicube range are made from 100% recycled plastic giving assurances to parents that children are playing with eco-friendly toys that care about the environment, children, education, and fun in equal measure. 

Magicube is available in sets that have 6 pieces to 64 pieces in a range of styles and themes that can all be mixed and joined together meaning the Magicube grows with your child.  By playing with the individual cubes the youngest of children begin to develop their first manual skills, and as they grow older Magicube Shapes are a powerful add-on to allow them to build more complex constructions.  The Magicube Shapes Range can be found in The Entertainer, with prices starting from £15. 

Geomag’s range of Magicube toys is the perfect addition to children’s playtime. For more information visit here.

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