Gemma Noble comes to Tayroc

Gemma Noble Comes to Tayroc

Gemma Noble comes to Tayroc – Managing Director, Gemma Noble brings her expertise to the table at Tayroc.

Having worked for international fashion brands for over a decade in April 2020 Gemma co-founder and Managing Director of the sales and marketing agency Lid Project begins the transformation of Tayroc to become a well-known, household name.  “My aspiration,” says Gemma, “is to take the company to a place it has never been before, whilst opening up the stylish affordability of Tayroc to new markets and a new audience.”

Created in 2014 by two sets of brothers, Kristian and Reiss Edgerton, and Dominic and James Owen, Tayroc, which offers premium men’s, ladies and unisex timepieces has grown significantly through its UK e-commerce and social media platforms, and the acquisition by Lid Project will see exciting opportunities for the brand to expand further in the UK and internationally. 

With over 660 combined doors in Europe, Lid Project will initially focus on the distribution and wholesale sectors for the UK, Europe, US and Middle Eastern territories, and will be recruiting distributors/agents for these markets.

Tayroc Ladies watches
Tayroc Ladies watches

“Passionate about people, relationships and product Gemma’s belief is that a brand is only as great as its people.” This has been her catalyst for this business union.

“The team and I have been working hard to strengthen the foundations first” confirmed Gemma. “Ensuring a first-class level of customer service was the first thing that I tackled, and from there I’ve focused on ensuring we have the best team on board.”

“We intend on being here for the long term, not to pass with the trends. A watch is more than just a timepiece or fashion accessory; it is a slice of your personality and a representation of its wearer.”

“At present, we have a really broad customer base – the Tayroc fans are international and range from students through to grandparents. We have a male and female range and see quite a lot of unisex purchasing.” 

“The Tayroc range and marketing were previously focused on menswear, so we do have a strong male following. With the expertise, we now have in womenswear due to the new ownership we are committed to levelling out the split between men’s and women’s business. We’re introducing an abundance of new, exciting products at the same time as presenting ourselves in a different way. We’re mixing things up – showing the existing consumer something they’d not seen from Tayroc previously.”

“We sell through as well as with a network of international multi-branded retailers. We are actively promoting this area of the business as we recognise that there are experts in different territories that can be successful in spreading the TAYROC message through stockists.

“Our ranges will be sold through independent and multiple jewellers as well as department stores and eCommerce operations.”

Tayroc Watches with Style
Tayroc is more than just a timepiece

“Tayroc’s watches are designed in Britain and made in China. They sell for between £70 and £120 to a typically millennial or Gen-Z demographic. We are actively looking at a range of international manufacturers including a Swiss-made collection.” 

“We’ve got a whole host of accessories and lifestyle products planned for the next 6 months! Our first drop of newness will be in October with something new landing every 2-3 weeks in the run-up to Christmas. And as for Spring 2021 – we’re extremely excited for what’s to come!

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