Furniture at your Fingertips

Furniture at your Fingertips

Furniture at your Fingertips – Spending so much time in the home, for many of us is a new, exciting experience. However, on the flip side frequenting 24 hours a day in the same environment does give us the opportunity to reassess our home surroundings with a potential change in mind.

With many shops now closed again, our natural instinct is to turn to our trusty friend the internet for inspiration.

I for one, have been monitoring the sites for the latest offers and with the Black Friday Furniture Deals fast approaching many of us will find the potential bargains we have been hoping for. The Black Friday Furniture Sale offers furniture for all rooms, home decor items, as well as soft furnishings allowing you to transform your home if so desired.

Redesigning the rooms in your home can make your everyday living space a new reality. If you haven’t changed anything in your house for a while, moving a thing or two around can make an enormous difference, ultimately, by investing in a new piece of furniture, this can be the ultimate modification.

Taking into consideration, time factor and budget, you may not be looking for a full room makeover, therefore small changes can make a huge impact. This could be something as simple as a change of light fitting to reupholstering your dining chairs.

Furniture at your Fingertips
Lighting can transform a room

Lighting – Swap out your lighting – whether it’s a ceiling hung crystal chandelier or an alternative table lamp, lighting can make a huge change in any room, both in terms of style and overall lighting. Choosing soft white bulbs and adding a dimmer can also make a big difference, too.

Window coverings: Even the simplest DIY window treatments can have a grand impact on a space. A simple curtain panel or a Roman shade can completely dress-up a room and add warmth.

Add some glitz to your room – to get into the festive mood why not add a little shimmer to your living space. Whether you add gold leafing to an old lampshade or to your living room chair metallic detailing can add an instant feel of luxury. Home accessories are the perfect example of adding instant appeal.

Find your statement piece: Investing in an interesting piece of furniture and perhaps replacing some outdated electronics can also prove to be some of your best investments.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise – Accessorising your home is another essential element of interior design that always adds a unique feel to the home space and makes the place you live a reflection of yourself.

Invest in a new sofa – maximising your comfort is paramount. The sofa in the house is probably one of the most well-used pieces of furniture, and therefore must be not only comfortable but something you truly love. There is nothing more pleasing than transforming a room with a new sofa.

Happy Shopping!

Poppy Watt

Black Friday is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season where most of the retailers offer promotional sales and discounts. It gives us the opportunity to find the best deals and discounts.

Poppy Watt

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