Pancakes For Always

Dimitry Rodes writing exclusively for Women Talking

We tend to only look at making pancakes when Pancake Day comes around but Belowzero Chef Dimitry Rode talks up two dishes that taste great all year round.

Home made bacon with buttermilk pancakes

Home made bacon:


500 gm of raw pork belly

1 tbs salt

1 pinch of pink salt (curing salt)

2 bay leaves crushed

1 tsp crushed black peppercorns

1 tbs maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients together and leave to marinate in the fridge for five days, turning every couple of days.

After the five days wash off the cure mixture, pat dry and leave in the fridge for a further 24 hours dry.

It’s now ready to slice.



2 eggs separated

100 ml milk

5 gm baking powder

15 gm caster sugar

1 pinch of salt

120 gm self raising flour


Whisk the egg white to medium stiff peaks.
Combine the remaining ingredients together and fold in the egg whites.
Rest the mixture for half an hour, which results in fluffier lighter pancakes.

To serve

Fry the homemade bacon until crispy and drain on paper towel.
Cook the pancakes in a little melted butter until golden brown.
Garnish with fresh berries and maple syrup.

Crispy crepes with cold and hot smoked salmon, steamed spinach and crème freiche



1 egg100 ml milk70 gm plain flour
10 melted butter

Mix all the ingredients together.
Rest for half an hour then cook the crepes by pouring and spreading a very thin layer of batter in a non-stick pan until just cooked.



100 gm smoked sliced salmon
100 gm hot smoked salmon (or trout)
100 gm of steamed and well-drained spinach
50 gm crème fraiche
1 juice of lemon
Herbs to garnish such as dill, chervil, baby parsley
Salmon caviar and avruga (This is a new caviar substitute thatis made from the roe of the common herring).


Arrange the sliced smoked salmon, spinach, hot smoked salmon on the crepe.
Roll the crepe tightly and now in a medium pan cook until golden brown andcrispy on all sides.

Garnish with creme fraiche, caviar and baby herbs.

Dimitry Rode