Five Traits that Leave a Bad Impression on Your Date in 2021

Five Traits that Leave a Bad Impression on Your Date in 2021

Five Traits that Leave a Bad Impression on Your Date in 2021 – Every woman wants to find her soul mate and the only way we know how is through dating. We meet some stranger every now and then, hoping, this will be a perfect match, where we not only like each other but turn out to be soul mates. However, subconsciously most of it is decided within the moments of that all-important first date. 

The first impression is the last impression, and it’s especially true in dating. If there is one turn-off in the meet-up, it’s unlikely that there will be another date on the cards. 

Therefore, you must be careful to avoid these biggest dating turnoffs in 2021.

The Ex Talk

If you are on a date and still talking about your former partner, you are not over him. A friend or therapist would be alright hearing you talk about your ex, but someone who is considering you as his partner would never appreciate it. The talk about ex-boyfriend is one of the conversations men hate most

It’s not that he will get jealous, it’s just that no one wants to be a second option. Men might get over your physical relationship, but they can’t see their partner emotionally attached to someone else. They will immediately realise that you are still connected to your ex and it will just be a rebound even if things somehow work out between you two. 

Stained Teeth from Smoking

Not just in 2021, stained teeth have always been considered bad and leave a very bad impression on everyone you meet. It would have been understandable if it was because of a natural cause, but smoke stains are your fault. A survey of 2 thousand singletons revealed that stained teeth from smoking are one of the most off-putting traits. You should try to leave the habit of smoking or keep getting treatment to keep your teeth clean. 

Disrespecting the Waiter

No one likes arrogant people. People in 2021 are more conscious of human rights and ensuring everyone is given respect. If you disrespect a waiter, it means you are taking advantage of your stronger position and harassing someone weak. If the waiter has done something to make you angry, you should keep calm and tackle the situation with a cool mind. While Psychology Today says anger always makes sense, a person meeting you for the first time is unlikely to understand even if it was not your fault. 

Being Overconfident

Overconfident people are seen as selfish people. Make sure you don’t make your date feel like you are too good for him. Stay humble and respectful. Anything that indicates you did him a favour by coming on this date should not be shared. The person might not be as educated, rich, or successful as you, but none of them are on the list of required traits for a soul mate. Many women tend to play hard to get, which might work great for a hookup, but you might lose someone special on a date. 

Just Talking About Yourself

The first dates are interviews. Both people get to know each other as much as they can to decide if they are compatible with each other. However, you don’t become strictly formal and show that you are judging him. You show that you are interested in him and enjoying what he has to say. 

Therefore, you should be talking about him and not yourself. If you keep talking about yourself too much, you will leave a very bad impression. Too much talking about yourself shows that you have a self-centred egoistic personality. While your date would want to learn about you, he would rather ask what he wants to know than have you explaining how awesome you are. You have to make sure that your ego is not doing the talking for you

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