Five Star Dinner Service

Five Star Dinner Service – Whether hosting a dinner party for family and friends or taking your turn to host a dinner soiree for the office, the one thing you hope for is a smashing success. You do want to be remembered long after the event, but obviously for all the right reasons. If your turn to host that dinner at your home is on the horizon, here are a few easy ways sure to impress even the most critical of guests.

A Focus on Décor

Does your soiree have a theme? Perhaps it’s a holiday dinner or a retirement party for a co-worker you’ve worked beside for many years. One of the things you will want to account for when planning your dinner party is themed décor. Take care of this early on so you won’t have any last minute stress getting the home tidied and the balloons to inflate. Pay special attention to the reason for your get-together and the décor will be easy to create.

Keep Yourself Available Throughout

In keeping with that last thought, the one thing you want to do and perhaps one of the most important things is to keep yourself available throughout. No one likes to attend a party only to be left to their own devices while the host or hostess is busy cooking away in the kitchen. Perhaps prepare foods which can be kept warm on hot plates or cold platters which can be served buffet style. Who said that a dinner soiree can’t be just as lovely with cold platters for the main dish?

Be Mindful of the Little Things

If you truly want to impress your guests, be mindful of the little things. For example, if you are serving brandy, make sure you have brandy snifters in which to pour the liquor. If you are serving fish or seafood for dinner and will be serving white wine, a lovely wine cooler from Wine and Barrels would be the perfect place to keep it chilled. How lovely would that be to send a guest to that professional-grade wine cooler to choose the next bottle to be opened? Don’t know what kind to order? You should browse these wine coolers which are available on the Wine and Barrels website to get an idea of which models are sure to be the most impressive. There’s nothing like a wine fridge to stock several bottles to be kept at just the right temperature.

A Little Reminder

Just remember, it’s all about keeping everything in order and served at the right time and temperature. You wouldn’t want to serve a seafood platter with merlot just like you wouldn’t want to serve a filet mignon with a glass of Chablis. Serve wines and aperitifs that go traditionally well with your menu. From the way in which you’ve decorated your dining room to the linens on the tables, everything should follow a themed design in keeping with the purpose of the dinner. That’s the surest way to impress but remember to do as much as possible in advance. You do, after all, want to be a gracious host and your presence makes all the difference in the world.


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