Hannah Ild : Built to Last

Hannah Ild

It was a cold morning in London’s Leicester Square when I met with Hannah Ild, billed as the biggest thing to come out of Estonia since Skype!

The confident and attractive woman who introduced herself with a smile looked younger than her 28 years but was assured and relaxed. I could tell immediately that this was a girl well-versed in dealing with the press. Her promotional photos might say otherwise but don’t be fooled by the sexy exterior; this artist has brains as well as beauty and she knows exactly how to sell herself.

“I don’t really get bothered by pressure. I always wanted to be a singer, from when I was a child and I actually started singing in some form from the age of 2. I was sent to music school at 7 to study piano and wrote my first commercial hit when I was 16.

“Basically I have been used to performing before an audience all of my life so now – at almost 30 – it’s as second nature as driving a car.”

So she has the personality and experience to negotiate the business but did she have the stamina to endure an unforgiving UK public? The British market is a more demanding platform and a much more fickle host of fame.

“I know the music industry is more diverse here and that is what I love about it. You have everything from established artists to one hit wonders and novelty songs rubbing shoulders with each other. I have the patience and determination to succeed because I have had to work my way to the top slowly. It wasn’t handed to me through some family privilege and I didn’t ride the rollercoaster of a talent show like Pop Idol or X Factor to get where I am now: I always had a career path and I think to enjoy the success when you have worked a long time to achieve it is so much more satisfying.”

Wise words but then you would expect nothing less from a woman who not only knows the entertainment industry so well but is also the Ambassador of Tourism in the UK for her native Estonia, a country she is very proud of.

“Of course I love my country and it is an honour to think that I have been bestowed with this role. There is so much about Estonia that people need to learn. It is a wonderful country with vast forests and also a very high level of technology and modern facilities.

“The entire country is wireless and we have seamlessly married the history of our nation with the 21st century developments of the past decade that have seen our economy flourish since we achieved our independence.

“In 2011 Tallinn – the capital – is set to be the capital of culture and we invite everyone to come and enjoy what is to so many still a very secret and hidden part of Europe.”

Hannah has now based herself in the UK and she aims to build upon the success of her first big hit here in the UK, with an album planned for release in the early part of 2010.

“I have made 6 albums in Estonia with a 7th on the way and I am now looking forward to sharing my music with a British audience.”

The dance remix of Shadow on the Wall is a moody and catchy song that is certainly enjoying a following on the club scenes around the country and Hannah and her management hope to build on this.

“We have a few ideas to keep the momentum going and I think 2010 is going to be the year when things really come together for me so watch this space!”

In a business that cares as much about image as it does about ability, Hannah Ild appears to be the complete package. Her appeal is certain to attract that all important 16-25 year old market and if in the unlikely event it doesn’t take off for her here she always has a great sideline in tourism that she can fall back on!

For more information on Hannah check outher website at www.hannahsite.com and visit iTunes to download her new single.



George R Vaughan