A Period of Relief

Mia Klitsas

“Snappy” is an understatement of huge proportion when it comes to me and my monthly cycle. Regrettably, no matter what kind of approach I take, it always ends the same: with my mood swinging from one extreme to another like a pendulum on acid. Fortunately, I am not alone in my suffering but I recently met one woman who feels she may have come up with a solution to ease the strain.

26 year old Mia Klitsas saw a gap in the tampon market and is now introducing her Moxie range of gorgeous and girly feminine hygiene products onto a public she is certain are ready for what she has to offer.

“It is the one item women have to carry all the time and it is the one item that is the least feminine”.

With the Moxie launch here in the UK, Mia hopes to bring a touch of the fabulous to that most often dreaded '”time of the month”.

Think beauty mixed with fashion and you've got Moxie; a range of products that delivers classic femininity, style, convenience and excellent quality all in one. Moxie's aim is to combat the issues that have annoyed women for years - things like those cheap flimsy packs of ST's that break open, causing tampons and towels to spill out into your bag, with the solution being 100% recyclable or reusable tins and 1930's-esque, candy-striped 'boudoir boxes'. Moxie is the perfect necessity for every dressing table and handbag.

Mia went from graduating from university to running her own business within 6 months. She met her future business partners Jeff Gore and Natalie Koenen while on work experience at Philip Morris and their business acumen married with her determination, vision and knowledge of the market allowed them to get the Moxie range up and running. Mr Gore, 46, and Ms Koenen, 32, had experience in product development, commercialisation and sales when they formed the company, but it was Mia’s first job.

The trio formed a company called Millie and More in 2005 and within a year were supplying Moxie products to a recognised overseas chain.

Millie and More now sells 1.2 million units of Moxie products, named after a line in a Humphrey Bogart movie, through supermarkets and pharmacies across Australia and New Zealand.

By packaging and marketing tampons in a different way, Moxie has in three years taken a 6.1% share of the domestic market.

After starting with a $450,000 loan, Millie and More's turnover reached $4.2 million in the 2007-08 financial year.

Bringing a fresh, funky look to an old product Mia has turned tampons into an unlikely fashion item and is now expanding her company into Britain and Asia. The expansion into Britain could potentially quadruple Moxie's sales figures.

From a personal standpoint I found the product to be innovative and convenient, removing the sense of “ugliness” that is often associated with tampons. I don’t really want everyone to know when I’m having a period and the Moxie brand certainly takes away that sense of “exposure” you can often feel if you suddenly drop your bag and everything – including your tampons – suddenly spill over the floor.

Equally, as a journalist, I often find myself frequenting places that require me to have my possessions searched and I don’t want the contents of my handbag to reveal my current personal condition – especially when I’m in such a delicate state of mind - to anyone who happens to glance inside.

I believe Moxie have come up with a great idea and think every woman should give their products a try.

For more information check out the company site at www.moxieproducts.co.uk

Poppy Watt


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