The New Face of Imedeen Prime Renewal

The Three Finalists
Fifty-one year old Oonagh Wohanka from London was nominated by her daughter, Alexandra, who wrote “my mother looks and feels more youthful, healthy and energetic in her 50s than ever before … she’s a true role model for other women”.  And we couldn’t agree more.  Oonagh keeps in shape by marathon training and has raised thousands of pounds for charity through sponsored runs – clocking an impressive 3hrs 37 minutes in this year’s London marathon.  A former English teacher, she loves writing and has just finished her first children’s book.  She is also an avid collector of vintage clothing - the beaded Lanvin dress and Dior shoes are particular favourites.  Her secret passion: fly-fishing!

Training Manager Sue Johnson, 52, from Newcastle was persuaded to enter by her work colleagues after they spotted the competition on the Saga website.  “They gathered together photos from various events and stood over me while I filled in the form” she laughs.  And we’re delighted they did.  Sue simply radiates energy and joie de vivre.  She attributes her enviable figure to power walking - she took part in last year’s Edinburgh Moon Walk - and running round after her 4-year old grand-daughter, Emily.   Looking stunning in killer heels and a sexy red dress by favourite designer Vivienne Westwood, Sue epitomises today’s new generation of head-turning ´glam-mas´.  Her secret passion: sewing!

Originally from Australia, 56 year old Jackie Genova has lived in London since 1976 following stints in New York and the Bahamas .  She practises as a psychotherapist, specialising in eating disorders.  Jackie was encouraged to enter the competition by IMEDEEN´s in-store beauty advisor, Emma Minderides, who spotted her star potential.  “I thought Jackie was striking with a wonderful, warm personality”, she recalls. And the judges felt the same.  Jackie adores travelling and is a nomad at heart.  Belying her elegant appearance, her ambition is to take a ´gap-year´ touring round France in a camper van!  Her beautiful sequinned jacket and lace skirt were made for her by a friend, Danish fashion designer Charles Svingholm.  Her secret passion: scuba diving!



Who would you like to see win a twelve month contract as the new face of IMEDEEN Prime Renewal and representation by Close Models?   

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