A Barefoot Pioneer

Hilery Dorrian

When Hilery Dorrian, co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals, discovered that her daughter had contracted head lice – a condition few people feel comfortable admitting to at the best of times – she trawled the shops in an effort to find a natural head lice treatment.

Already a knowledgeable homeopath by trade, her search ultimately proved to be in vain.

“I know what goes into a lot of these commercially available products and I didn’t want to submit my daughter’s skin to what amounted to a cocktail of chemicals. There just wasn’t anything out there I was prepared to put on her head!

“The whole lice issue is a big thing for children – most mothers who read this will know what I mean. I reacted as any parent would do when I discovered my daughter had contracted them: I was distraught!

“I remember that Jonathan (now her business partner at Barefoot Botanicals) and I were sitting down having a tea and I was bemoaning the fact that there were no natural products on the market to treat the condition. And then it came to us: why not simply create something ourselves.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Using essential oils that were natural and kind to the skin, mixed with a base of pure vodka, their formula worked effectively.

“It did the job but more importantly it did the job naturally.”

And so it was that out of this simple afternoon tea discussion, Barefoot Botanicals was born and for Hilery Dorrian and Jonathan Stallick, the rest, as they say, is history.

The company’s name comes from the ancient Chinese tradition of barefoot doctors who travelled from village to village without shoes, dispensing wisdom and remedies. Because of their own extensive knowledge of healing plants, the two directors possess the perfect grounding to produce a natural range of remedies and organic skin and hair-care products.

Although the company is still quite small – Hilery employs 7 people at present – they have aspirations to expand and they have struck deals with several of the UK ’s recognised retailers in an effort to increase exposure of their range.

“We have conducted trials with several companies and both Waitrose and Debenhams now stock several of our remedies.

“Our products are essentially broken down into two groups. The SOS range has been therapeutically created for people with eczema and psoriasis, based on homeopathic and natural skin wisdom and – like everything we make – using 100% natural ingredients. This range aims to deliver instant relief to all kinds of troubled skin, especially dry, parched complexions and sensitive scalps.

“We got the idea of the name because we believe that when your skin is reacting to something it is sending out an S.O.S. and the creams, balms and lotions we supply are made to specifically answer that call.

“The Rosa Fina range is aimed more at the ageing process. We took this name from the Rosa Mosqueta oil which is an amazing and powerful ingredient used in the Chilean Andes to counteract the signs of ageing skin.

“Because I also run my own clinic for 3 days a week in Redhill, I use my products wherever possible in all my treatments. I’m very much into practicing what I preach.”

In total there are now 27 products in the entire Barefoot Botanicals catalogue although they are looking to expand this and they are not limiting their range simple for women.

“We have also introduced a range of men’s products, shaving cream, aftershave balms etc, because we understand that in the 21st century it isn’t just women that want to look after themselves any more. Men are equally conscious about their skin and the way they look.

“Our skincare range aims to provide our customers with the most ethical, most effective and most sensual beauty products on the market. Our secrets lie in the advanced formulas which combine the best of cutting edge science with over a thousand years of herbal knowledge to create a skin and hair care range that goes beyond the hype.”

It certainly sounds impressive and our resident health and beauty expert, Poppy Watt has been testing their products so expect to see her review onsite shortly.  

For the time being, if would like more information on Barefoot Botanicals products then take a look at their website on www.barefoot-botanicals.com


George R Vaughan