Keeping The Lines At Bay


The menopause is a big thing in a woman’s life. 

It’s natural and inevitable. We all have to go through it and for each of us the experience will be unique. One woman’s sore breasts are another woman’s dipping sex drive.

The menopause is a big thing in a woman’s life. It’s natural and inevitable. We all have to go through it and for each of us, the experience will be unique. One woman’s sore breasts are another woman’s dipping sex drive. Although the symptoms are pretty general, we can all encounter them at varying degrees and the beauty industry has been quick to pick up on this. A shift in wealth – thanks mainly to property – has seen the buying power of the over 50s make them more targeted by skincare and cosmetics companies who all want a slice of that market. Products come and go. One minute they’re in Vogue the next in the bargain bucket of your local Boots.

Take a quick glimpse through the glossy magazines and see how at least 30% of the pages are crammed full of adverts promising the ultimate solution for “fine lines and wrinkles”.

However, one company at the forefront of internal skincare since the early nineties is Imedeen, the world’s no 1 best selling anti-aging beauty supplement.

Recently Imedeen announced their own weapon for the postmenopausal woman with the release of their latest product, Imedeen Prime Renewal, a specially formulated tablet to meet the specific skin care needs of women who have gone through the menopause.

Skin loses up to 30% of its collagen in the first 5 years after the menopause and to counteract this reduction, Imedeen has created what they claim to be the most advanced product of its kind available today.

Scientific research has shown that taking Imedeen Prime Renewal on a daily basis helps to maintain and revitalise the collagen content and elasticity of the skin, also improving the suppleness and density with a quality defense system against free radical damage.

Put in lay-man’s terms, the skin is boosted and protected from the inside whilst simultaneously firmed and toned on the outside.

As you’ve probably realised, I’ve borrowed quite heavily from the press releases but as our regular subscribers will know, I’m not one to take anything I’m told at face value. Everything we review here we test independently.

With this in mind, we are currently conducting our own trial of Imedeen Prime Renewal (yes, we found a number of very eager guinea pigs amongst the ranks here) and we hope to report back our own findings to you in the course of the next few weeks.

Early indications tend to suggest that the claims do carry some validity.

During the menopause, a woman’s body goes through a whole number of changes and no two days are ever the same when it comes to symptoms encountered. These changes have a real impact on a molecular level and the skin structure tends to suffer as much as anything. 

Imedeen Prime Renewal tablets have been shown to:

Significantly improve the firmness and density of the skin.

Stimulate the regeneration of collagen and the renewal of skin cells.

Significantly reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and the lips.

Significantly reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation and age spots.

And for a full review of the product, check out the results of our in-house test in a few weeks time.

If you would like to know more about Imedeen Prime Renewal – or indeed any of the products in the Imedeen range – then check out their website at

Poppy Watt