Sarah Blasko - A Girl Less Ordinary

The Talented Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko is no stranger to success. 

She may be a relative newcomer on the music scene here in the UK but in her native Australia she is already won significant acclaim and has three well received albums beneath her belt and several awards to go with them.

“Music has always been a major part of my life and I attribute much of that influence to my father who loves music and to this day remains – somewhat embarrassingly on occasions – my biggest fan!”

Sarah’s parents were both very religious and faith was a significant part of growing up for the shy girl from Sydney, New South Wales.

“In my early teens, as my parents moved from church to church, I would often sing at mass and I got heavily involved in what they did. However, by the time I was 19 and ready for university, I had pretty much left religion behind and I went on to gain a degree in English Literature and Film. At that stage of my life, I don’t think – for all its influence over me – I thought a career in music would follow.”

Sarah is also well known for her vintage taste in clothes and art.

“We didn’t have much money when I was young and my parents often took us to shop in second hand stores or charity shops. I was quite embarrassed by the whole thing in those days but now I think I have learned to appreciate the history of possessions a little more and I actually prefer things that have some personality about them and a lived in feel.

“My guitars, with all their scratches and chips, each have a story to tell and I think in this modern age we are often too quick to dismiss something for a newer model without appreciating what we have. I like things that endure. I hope my fans will find that virtue in my music. I never set out to make instant hits. My songs are built to get under your skin with their own personal message and then stick with you.”

Clearly, the messages of Sarah’s compositions are nestled beneath layered lyrics and often haunting, melodies and she radiates an incandescence almost at odds with the vulnerability of her wistful voice. On her latest album, “As Day Follows Night” there is a great deal about relationships and loss and this is something of which she has firsthand knowledge.

“When I was in my early 20s I actually got married – I’m not sure I can put my finger on the real reasons behind this – but I realise now that I was too young and going through a mini-crisis.”

She is reluctant to say much more about this episode in her life but it is clear that a great deal of emotional baggage was shed through the writing of her music, although she remains clearly optimistic about the future.

“I would like to have kids and give marriage another go - a proper go - but right now I’m just focusing on my music”.

Sarah recently played at the V Festival and she has now made Brighton in West Sussex her home.

“I love the UK and I love Brighton in particular. It is such a vibrant, eclectic city; a real dream for writers and musicians. The place comes alive in the evenings.”

She cites among her influences David Byrne, P J Harvey and Bjork and admits that she would love the opportunity to perform with the former Talking Heads front man if the chance ever came her way.

With her next single “No Turning Back” due for release at the end of the month and a tour planned in November, I asked what else lay on the horizon.

“Well one thing I would love to do, although there are no concrete offers yet, is write a film score. I love cinema and it would be wonderful to write the score to a film. I’d also love to perform with an orchestra. Perhaps I could marry the two!”

It’s often said that pop stars can be a difficult breed. However, perhaps because of her grounded upbringing, perhaps because she moved into the music scene proper at a later stage in life (Sarah is currently in her 33rd year) or perhaps just because the music is so much more important to her than fame, Sarah Blasko remains one of the most endearing and genuine artists I have interviewed.  That honesty is perfectly reflected in her music.

If you’ve not yet discovered Sarah Blasko visit her website at and meet an artist and her music that are certain not to disappoint.

George R Vaughan