Hands Up For Hygiene

Nell McAndrew

Carex have specially created education kits which are supplied to school nurses, health visitors, and teachers and there is now a new section on the Carex website dedicated to Hands Up For Hygiene where parents can also get involved by downloading play materials, activities and even songs directly from the site.

As a fun way to demonstrate hand hygiene to kids, the Hands Up For Hygiene team goes into schools with light-boxes, glitter-bug potions and other fun tools that are engaging and enthralling for children. They get to see for themselves the best way to wash their hands and keep those nasty bugs at bay.

There’s a whole host of games and activities available from www.carex.co.uk/HandsUpForHygiene including activity sheets, activity songs, posters, stickers and flash cards covering everything clean-related from ‘Messy Play’ to ‘Preparing Food’. All the family can play along and join in the fun, practising hand-washing to tunes such as Humpty Dumpty and Wheels on the Bus! Whether the kids have been fooling around in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen, playing with the pets or painting by numbers (or walls), Carex, Hands Up For Hygiene has it covered.

Hands up for Hygiene - the products

Carex Splash, Hygienically Clean and Hand Gels kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs, whilst at home and on the go. Kids will love Dolly the Dolphin’ and ‘Pete the Penguin’ – the colourful cartoon characters that personalise the Splash range and engage the attention of the children. You’ll love Hygienically Clean protecting little hands in the kitchen and bathroom and the Hand Gels for their handy take anywhere bottles and no-water-required application.

Nell McAndrew fronts the Carex Hands up for Hygiene campaign

Nell McAndrew, television presenter, model, fitness guru and working mother to an active two year old son, is fully supportive of the Carex Hands Up For Hygiene campaign, acknowledging the importance of teaching youngsters how to wash their hands properly to keep them free from nasty and potentially damaging bacteria and germs. After all, just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

Nell says, “I really believe in the Carex Hands up for Hygiene campaign. It is a nationwide initiative that promotes and encourages pre-school children to wash their hands correctly and in a fun way.

“The activity sheets, songs, cards, posters, stickers and tips for parents really encourage hand washing as part of an everyday routine whilst making it fun. It’s really easy to access the Carex website from home and download the activity sheets for kids. It’s good, fun, family time, which is really important to me”.

So, put your Hands Up For Hygiene and teach your kids how to stay clean and germ free with Carex, the Carexperts.