Face Workouts for Beginners

Face Workouts for Beginners

Face Workouts for Beginners – Pressure Techniques to Tone and Define Naturally

Facial workouts can tone your skin and help you look younger, but they are more than aesthetics; a daily workout can also have remarkable results in the way you feel.

A regular facial workout can help to revive your skin, improve circulation, define and tone, lift and sculpt, soften fine lines and help to reduce breakouts as well as being a wonderfully relaxing holistic treatment for your overall health and wellbeing.

International make-up artist Nadira V Persaud is the author of the book Press Here! Face Workouts for Beginners giving you a quick, simple insight into the age-defying and de-stressing wonders of a facial workout.

Face Workouts for Beginners

This remarkable book guides you through a series of easy-to-follow pressure and massage techniques, which can be used as part of your daily skincare regime, whether you want to see a transformation immediately or over time. 

Through the power of touch and focused breathing, the simple routines laid out will help you feel more energised, aid relaxation, and maintain a toned and firm facial structure without the use of specialised equipment. 

Within the book, you are encouraged to focus on the feeling of each movement to identify problem areas or muscle tension in the face which can display deep lines, sagging skin and an overall tired appearance.

Face Workouts for Beginners
Beautiful illustrations throughout the book

“It was an important step for me to write this book to share the benefits of face workouts and the noticeable results they have on wellbeing and tone of the skin,” says Nadira. “The surface of our skin reveals the impact of health, lifestyle and neglect, therefore with simple guidance this book takes you through pressure techniques to improve definition to its framework, de-stress and improve self-care.”

Nadira emphasises the idea in the book that we all have the power to heal through self-help. Quick fixes are not necessarily the option in beauty, instead regular and consistent beauty routines can pave the way to toned, defined and well-rested skin.

I have started to incorporate some facial exercises within my morning and evening beauty regime and looking to apply a specifically targeted workout to areas that require a little more attention.

Watch this space!!

Poppy Watt


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