Catwalk Confidential

Famed model turned actress Robyn Peterson

In the 1970s Robyn Peterson ruled the catwalks and had her image plastered on the front of every glossy fashion magazine around the globe. For a 10 year period she was the girl everyone wanted to model their clothes, the face everyone wanted to photograph.

Catwalk Confidential is Robyn’s personal story of her escape from an overbearing mother in Miami to her rise to the pinnacle of a career that flourished in Paris and New York .

Along the way she tells a tale that carries few surprises – drug and alcohol fuelled tantrums, a marriage that turns sour and the back-stabbing behaviour of competitors and designers – but nevertheless remains entertaining enough to make the 90 minute production move along without ever driving you to check your watch or long for the final curtain.

Enigmatic and humorous, the script is peppered with enough anecdotes and comical one-liners to raise a smile and even the odd eyebrow without tumbling into pastiche (although there are a couple of occasions when it teeters on the edge).  

It won’t tell you anything you didn’t already know about the fashion industry and probably loses a mark for being a little too obvious with some of the cheap laughs but overall Robyn’s charisma and delivery keep the show moving and there was an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end to suggest in the main the producers had got it right.

Catwalk Confidential is running at The Arts Theatre until October 3rd and for more information check out the website on


George R Vaughan