Dr PawPaw to the Rescue

Dr PawPaw to the Rescue

Dr PawPaw to the Rescue – Whether it is due to face coverings being worn, the change in weather temperatures or just bodily adjustments but dry, cracking lips has been an unresolved issue recently.

Having tried all my beauty favourites, I could not find a wonder balm until now.  On a whim in a local chemist, I was recommended the award-winning Dr PawPaw multipurpose original clear balm packed full of natural ingredients. These included pawpaw, aloe vera and olive oil. To my surprise and relief, the balm instantly resolved the dry lip issue. I have since discovered the balm has a multitude of uses for other areas too:

Dr PawPaw to the Rescue

For lips.
Primer on dry skin.
Dewy finish.
Hydrating soothing evening mask.
Smooths eyebrows.
Separates eyelashes.

Protects sensitive skin.
Soothes sore irritated skin.
Can relieve eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
Insect bites and blemishes.
Heals burns.
Repairs cuts.
Prevents scarring.

Dry skin patches.
Foot treatment.
Evening hand treatment.

Style short hair.
Seal ends.
Tame frizz.
Add texture

In addition to the clear balm, Dr PawPaw has a Tinted Ultimate Red Balm suggested for the Face, Lips, Cheeks and Eyelids and an award-winning Shea Butter Balm.

Created back in 2013 founders Johnny and Pauline felt the need to create a multipurpose balm that could be used on lips, skin and hair after searching for a natural alternative to the normal steroid prescription cream for their daughter’s eczema.

They envisioned a range of products that was multifunctional, affordable, and versatile enough that all the family could use – from Grandmas to newborn babies and a product they are very proud to make and manufactured right here in Great Britain.

Following on from the success with the lip balms it was time to try some new additions to the range.

Introducing the ingenious and timesaving Dr PawPaw Everybody Hair and Body Wash and the Everybody Hair and Body Conditioner. 

Both brilliantly versatile products to use in the shower, with a unique pleasant, fruity fragrance that really lingers. 

The hair and body wash was fabulous and I  found for best results when using the body conditioner is to massage onto damp skin, rinse off and pat dry. The skin feels smooth, moisturised and soft afterwards, taking minimal time and effort to use.

The hair and body wash
Ingenious and timesaving

Dr PawPaw has extended the range to now include the 7 in 1 Hair Treatment Styler. The perfect marriage between a leave-in conditioning treatment and hairstyling product. Benefits include:

Heat protector.
Reduces split ends.
Leave-in hair treatment.
Reduces frizz and smoothes.
Blow Dry styling aid.
Adds shine.

I was impressed with the Dr Pawpaw range if you would like more information visit here

Poppy Watt

Health & Beauty Writer

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