Decor Decoded: How to Create a Rustic Feel in Your Home

Decor Decoded: How to Create a Rustic Feel in Your Home

Decor Decoded: How to Create a Rustic Feel in Your Home – When you mention the word rustic, many people will instantly conjure up visions of farmhouses, log cabins and rural country homes. Rustic is thrown around to describe everything from farmhouses to Tuscan-style villages, so you certainly do not need to live in a cabin in the bush to be considered rustic nowadays. In fact, the term is more prevalently used in design to exude feelings of warmth, cosiness and describes a welcoming, inviting home. 

Natural, aged, rough, and casual design styles exemplify rustic interior design. This category encompasses a broad range of styles such as Tuscan, coastal, cottage, and modern rustic. Despite its variations, rustic style accentuates natural beauty. Think of the change a wooden bed head will bring to a bedroom. Add a few side tables, some stone and flannel, and you are well on your way to achieving that perfect rustic finish that you have been looking for.

Continue reading to learn how you can create a rustic feel in your home’s interior and enjoy all of the benefits of a more natural design. 

Incorporating Nature

In the past, when people repurposed items or built them from scratch, is evoked by the style and the earthy origin of this decor style. Before modern materials and manufacturing processes entered the picture, almost everything came directly from the earth, so it was naturally organic and rustic. Traditional rustic design can seem dark and heavy to some, however, a new, fresh, and light style of rustic has emerged which is proving popular with homeowners.

Natural materials are a defining characteristic of a rustic home, whether it’s coastal or cottage-style. You’ll see plenty of wood and stone, in both the furniture and on the walls and ceiling, as well as fabrics like hessian and canvas. Rustic design, at its core, is a synthesis of natural organic materials. It’s a simple, natural design with an earthy feel. The materials used are often reclaimed and unfinished, so you’ll find more reclaimed wood and stones rather than sleek, glossy timber finishes.

Out With the Modern

In rustic designs, there is no room for flashy, geometric lighting, and there aren’t any modern materials, such as metal, plastic, or synthetic fibres. A natural approach is key with this style of design. Today’s contemporary rustic style, however, features rustic elements paired with a modern, clean-lined design for a fresh, light, and grounded aesthetic. Traditionally, rustic decor is heavier, darker, and sparser, so the mix of this style and traditional decor will produce something more light and airy, yet still very natural. 

Colours Of the Earth

The rustic colour scheme is typically warm and inviting. Make your rustic home even more welcoming by accentuating your decor with warm, welcoming colours. Think neutrals and earthy colours when creating your design. Colours that match your furniture, wall hangings and other decorations, such as dark green, orange, gold, and brown will make them truly stand out.

A Little on The Rough Side

Rustic furniture and fabrics have a bit of a rough feel to them. The design is not meant to be quite perfect, and wood and stone will generally be left looking a little less finished than you might expect in other decor styles. Natural materials give pieces their unique shapes, textures, and colours and to give your living space that aged look, reclaimed wood and driftwood are often used as design elements.

Enjoy The Warmth and Inviting Feel of Rustic Design

Using a colour palette that is warm and inviting, a rustic design seeks to create a cosy, homey atmosphere. Often, a living room is dominated by an oversized fireplace, and although everything is raw, the warm colours, woven baskets or rugs, and natural textiles make it feel particularly welcoming. Getting that cosy vibe doesn’t require going fully rustic. The best designs are those with a sense of surprise. If they are calculated and well-measured, rustic elements can be incorporated into any design style you desire. 

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