Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge

Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge

For those who love true crime, this is a must-have book for 2021! The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge is available now to buy online.

Obsession, unrequited love, jealousy, revenge, and violence collide in this page-turning anthology from acclaimed author Mitzi Szereto. This is the fourth volume in her true-crime franchise, which features a cast of writers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, and India—with stories that are equally international. 

Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge

From Paris in the 1910s to India in the 2000s, this collection will take you around the globe to explore twisted true tales of passion and obsession that turned violent. Join the award-winning, crime-savvy contributors, and examine why some individuals have fully embraced their dark side, resorting to crime to achieve their own special brand of satisfaction and retribution. 

(From the back cover) When it comes to strong emotions, people can react in strange and unexpected ways. Whether it’s a heart hurt by unrequited love or a lover so passionate they’ll stop at nothing to get their way, even the most seemingly mild-mannered soul can suddenly flip, becoming consumed by dark intentions. 

Contributing writers include Dean Jobb, Edward Butts, Craig Pittman, Anthony Ferguson, Priscilla Scott Rhoades, Joe Turner, Mark Fryers, Mitzi Szereto, and many others. 

What the critics are saying:

“True crime fans hungering for juicy tales of hot-blooded murder will gobble up the offerings in this irresistibly page-turning collection.”

—Harold Schechter, author of Hell’s Princess: The Mystery of Belle Gunness, Butcher of Men 

“Szereto and her contributors’ dark stories and clean writing styles combine for a gripping read. Wonderful!”

—Liza Rodman, author of The Babysitter: My Summers with a Serial Killer 

“A grand sweep through tales of an abused wife’s murderous revenge in Victorian-era Canada; a 1980 Brink’s robbery in San Francisco by an unfailingly polite, gay thief who adopts a new identity and squanders his fortune in a sybaritic lifestyle in New York before being arrested; a husband’s revenge murder of his adulterous wife in sexually licentious postwar England, leading to an unusual appeal to the House of Lords before he is hanged; the sensational 2012 ‘Facebook Murder’ in the Netherlands signalled by the online post ‘A Girl Dies Today At 3 p.m.’; and the sordid tale of Evelyn Nesbit, gorgeous salesgirl turned famed actress and her role in a love triangle with a prominent New York architect and the railroad scion who murders him in a rage on the rooftop theatre of Madison Square Garden. Headlines in the sensationalist New York newspapers scream of the ‘Trial of the Century’—but of course, it’s only 1906, and the century is still quite young.”

—Joe Sharkey, author of Above Suspicion 

“What motivates people to kill and commit heinous crimes? Is it a snap decision or calculated, plotted, and sinister? There are a whole lot of reasons, hence our endless intrigue about what goes on in the minds of criminals. This volume of crime cases edited by true crime queen Mitzi Szereto is a fascinating look at crimes where perpetrators let their rage and bad judgment take over. With historical crimes and more contemporary ones featured, it’s also interesting to see how our understanding of violence has evolved over the years.”

—Emily Webb, co-host of the Australian True Crime podcast and author of Angels of Death: Doctors and Nurses Who Kill 

“The true heart of darkness is in true crime. Crime fiction authors are an inventive bunch, but rarely have they created stories of passion, obsession, and revenge as compelling as these true accounts of what the passionate human heart and obsessive mind can make a person do. You may pity some of the killers in this collection; you may loathe others. But I guarantee you won’t forget them.” 

— Peter Guttridge, critic, and crime fiction author 

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