Countdown to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars – I hate the thought of pressing Christmas upon you when it is October, however in my experience Christmas Advent Calendars do go out of stock quickly and to prevent tears in December ordering these festive gems early and tucking them away for December is sound advice.

There is a vast selection of calendars on the market, ranging from chocolates to cosmetics and nail varnishes to socks and beer selections. However, in my quest for something a little different, I have found the advent collection from Playmobile.

Behind every door is a gift, from figures and animals to vehicles and accessories, providing children and grown-ups with 24-days’ worth of entertainment during the lead up to the big day. Once all the surprises have been discovered, the box folds open into a backdrop to complete the scene.

With six different advent calendars to choose from, whether your child likes Ice Skating, Farming, or Secret Agents, PLAYMOBIL has a calendar that will bring a smile to all faces this Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar – Christmas Manger

Once again, this year, the popular PLAYMOBIL advent calendars will shorten the waiting time until Christmas Eve. With the Christmas Manger advent calendar nativity scene figures and parts around the nativity scene are hidden in this advent calendar. The star above the crib shines brightly and the little ones can re-enact the Christmas story.

Christmas Grotto Advent Calendar with Father Christmas

The Christmas Advent Calendar offers a new and exciting way to count down to Christmas Day. Behind each door hides a Christmas surprise, which comes together on Christmas Day to create a beautiful festive scene using the included diorama.

The Advent Calendar ‘Bathtime Fun is a brand-new concept from Playmobil. It combines the countdown to Christmas and the fun and excitement of bath time together! There are two to collect both with unique features, such as changing the colour of the water and making the bathwater fizzle and pop. All through the magic of Tinti.

Magical Mermaids’ takes you off to the fantastic realm of the mermaids’ playset includes an advent calendar with 24 surprises, two mermaids and a mermaid boy, a seahorse carriage, two large seahorses, a baby dolphin, a sea turtle, a stingray, a baby octopus, starfish, fishing nets, a treasure chest, coral, and many more magical extras for great ocean play fun.

The Police Dive Advent playset contains an advent calendar with 24 surprises, three PLAYMOBIL figures, a large and a small diving scooter, a baby swordfish, a moray eel, two butterflyfish, a lobster, two crabs, stones, coral, and other great accessories for exciting underwater missions. As a special extra, the calendar contains Tinti bath paint. Simply insert a halved paint tablet into the nets of the diving scooter and the scooter will draw cool colours in the water during the ride. Great bathing fun with Tinti and PLAYMOBIL!

Countdown to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar – Royal Picnic

Attending the Royal Picnic makes the hearts of young princesses start beating faster. The lovely details create a magnificent setting for the royal family to enjoy themselves, take a boat trip on the pond and ride in the carriage through the park. Many cute animals bring the park to life, creating an enchanting space for the whole family to feel at ease and experience a multifaceted day in the park.

Advent Calendar Horse Farm

Designed with horse lovers in mind. The riding instructor cares for the horse and her foals while the girls dress them with beautiful flowers and ribbons.

Take the horses out for a ride around the countryside with wild animals including hedgehogs and birds, before taking them back to the stable.

For the Nostalgic Sci-fi fans

Countdown to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars

Just in time for the Christmas run-up, PLAYMOBIL will be releasing another Back to the Future advent calendar to help make the Christmas season fly by. Grab a hot chocolate and some biscuits for the journey, because in this sequel of the classic time travel adventure we’re following the protagonists to the year 1885…

Celebrating the legendary third film in the Back to the Future trilogy, the Advent Calendar “Back to the Future Part III“features 24 doors, each with a new surprise waiting to be discovered inside, these include two original versions of Marty McFly and Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown in their 1955 and 1885 guises. Alongside the two-time travellers, there’s charming Miss Clara Clayton (much to Doc’s pleasure), Doc’s loyal dog Copernicus, and the dreaded antagonist Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen. There are also some lovingly designed accessories included, which help to round off this pre-Christmas journey to Hill Valley and the Wild West: the DeLorean’s chic new Whitewall tires, the headstone from Doc Brown’s grave, and Marty’s poncho, that helps him to hide the bulletproof stove door. The figures and detailed accessories are brought together in four models of different scenes from the film, which provide the perfect backdrop for re-enacting classic moments from this hilarious sci-fi classic.

To see the collection yourself visit here

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