Countdown to Christmas – Toys

Countdown to Christmas – Toys

Countdown to Christmas – Toys – Christmas would not be Christmas without a raft of new toys being launched on the market. Experts can predict the best-selling toys for the festive season, however, when buying gifts for children, the predictions may not be suitable for the child you have in mind.

It is important to understand toy trends, however, my rule of thumb is to look a little closer at the recipients’ needs and requirements before buying.

Women Talking find a few inspirational gift ideas, with the convenience of purchasing online, sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Relax with Jigsaw Puzzles – All Ages.

Always an all-time favourite in my household and certainly a go-to gift for family entertainment and bonding. 

Not only to improve your hand and eye coordination, but Jigsaw puzzles also give you the perfect opportunity to relax and view some beautiful art. We love the Kikkerland selection to suit all ages from children to adults.

Countdown to Christmas – Toys

Honored Elders are Fresh Artists Chip Art Program portraits featuring esteemed older people, prominent in the lives of Fresh Artists children. Pastors, aunties, grandfathers, teachers, foster parents, and even the kind bodega proprietor down the street are venerated as community treasures. 

Fresh Artists and their Senior Art Educator, Robyn Miller have kept literally tons of this throw-away product out of landfills by creating lesson plans for making brilliant paper mosaics on recycled cardboard. Finally, a green art medium not involving used Styrofoam meat trays!

The 33 young artist/philanthropists whose art is showcased on Kikkerland puzzles are proud to know they will be in gift and museum shops throughout the world, generating funds to save art education in severely underfunded schools throughout America.

Countdown to Christmas – Toys

Zany Zoo cast another wide net by inviting every child in the Norristown PA School District to adopt and paint a portrait of their favourite animal in the tiny local Elmwood Park Zoo. The resulting 796 portraits were exhibited to honour the 50th Birthday of Earth Day and ninety-nine artworks became part of the Fresh Artists Collection of Children’s Art. Ten portraits were chosen to create the Zany Zoo Fresh Artists 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Flower Power Puzzle

Celebrate art, celebrate nature. This Flower Power Puzzle showcases the artwork of young artists through the Fresh Artist Foundation. Perfect to display on the wall and enjoy the puzzle over and over.

Astronaut Motion Puzzle

Astronaut Motion Puzzle – This super cool and modern lenticular puzzle that actually moves! Watch an astronaut float amongst the stars and move through space, one piece at a time. Complete the puzzle and see him change position right before your eyes!

Ginger Fox Official Emoji Card Game for The Family – Ages 8+

Emoji Card Game

We all love our emojis, they are fun, creative, and expressive. Thanks to Ginger Fox we now can incorporate them in a hilarious family card game.

The emoji card game is all about collecting a complete set of five emoji cards in your hand. Use the action cards to swap emojis, pick on opponents and attempt to win the hilarious all-play competitions!

Physical and emotional, this action-packed game will have you in stitches.

Quick reactions are essential if you’re going to be a winner.

Geomag – Aged 3 to 18 Years.


Educational toys are always a great option for children of all ages. Whether you’re looking to encourage kids to read or nurture their love of art or science, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Geomag stimulates and develops imagination, creativity, logic, manual skills and facilitates the understanding of complex notions of physics, such as the creation of magnetic fields and the forces of attraction and repulsion. 

Let the magic in with Magicube  – this is the new range of Geomagworld products that has revolutionised the Junior Construction category. This innovative toy is a building system made up of magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all six sides. By harnessing the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children can give free rein to their imagination as they build colourful 3D models. By playing with the individual cubes, even the youngest of children begin to develop their first manual skills. 

Shapes Magicube Geomag – Aged 1-5 years.

What started out as the Original Magicube system has now become a world of magnetic building blocks with the addition of three new shapes: the half cube, quarter circle and the half sphere.

The construction possibilities are boundless, and your imagination will fly higher and higher! Characters, animals, structures: you will be surprised how many things you can invent.

Lego – the perfect holiday gift – Aged 1-18 years.

LEGO proves time and time again to be one of the most popular toy brands in the world. This was always a go to toy for all three of my children.

If you are looking for a classic gift you can even use LEGO’s Gift Finder to help you find the perfect toy for the child you’re shopping for. Just enter the child’s age, your budget for the gift and the child’s interests and LEGO will show you all the appropriate options you can shop for Christmas 2021 gifting.

Wind Up Critters designed by Chico Bicalho. For the more mature Toy Fanatics!

Wind Up Critters

This is an outstanding collection of ingenious wind-up toys. Creative, inventive, and thought provoking.

Celebrating 15 years since the first Critter was sold at MXY- PLYZYK in New York, MxyKikker is an inspiration from their climbing windups, Bonga and Awika. 

With long legs, and more radical ascending capabilities. MxyKikker does some fancy climbing, and it walks upside-down if needed. 

Wind Up Critters

Awika – This unusual walking machine is dedicated to Chico Bicalho’s niece Christina who loves fireflies.  

Awika was born when Bonga and Sparklz got together. She has the characteristics of both parents; the tenacious pace of Bonga, and she “does the Sparklz” as well. Awika also has glowing parts, like her uncle Svrocket.

Awika is a very good climber; test her with different small objects on your desk to challenge her up and down obstacles. You can also let her climb over your hand, an open book, or, whatever else is on your desk.

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