Countdown to Christmas – Children’s Books

Countdown to Christmas – Children’s Books

Countdown to Christmas – Children’s Books – When you give a child a book for Christmas, you’re giving them so much more. Women Talking looks at why a book is a wonderful gift for any child of any age.

  • A book is a gift for life. Long after the holidays have passed, a child will enjoy this gift time and time again. Even as adults we can return to our childhood favourites and pass them down to our own children to enjoy.
  • Books never go out of fashion or lose their appeal. There is something quite unique about flicking through the pages of a book, that an electronic device is unable to replicate.
  • A book encourages a life-long love of reading. 
  • Books help children relax. Studies show that reading can reduce children’s stress.
  • Books build empathy. Through reading, children learn about people, places, and events outside their own experience. They are exposed to ways of life, ideas and beliefs that may be different from those around them. Books can also help children reflect on what’s right and wrong.
  • Books increase intelligence. Numerous studies show that children who read from a young age develop higher intelligence later in life, as well as increasing their knowledge of the world.
  • The selection and variety of books are vast. From all-time classics, fiction to fantasy to art and design, the list is endless.

We have chosen three inspiring books for youngsters:

The Ice Dragon: A Christmas Tale by Daisy Parkin

The Ice Dragon: A Christmas Tale by Daisy Parkin

The Ice Dragon is a warm and wondrous tale, full of festive magic and adventure.  Aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds, this is the second children’s book written by Daisy Parkin and the illustrations are by Barnaby Suermondt. 

It’s almost Christmas but Katy has other things to think about. Like the strange little creature, she finds in her grandparents’ garden.

She knows that she can rely on her friend Freddie to help her protect it, but will that be enough to stop egotistical celebrity Humphrey Entwhistle from carrying out his evil plans?

Sometimes there is a little extra magic in the air at this time besides the usual crackers, mince pies and presents.

Katy and Freddie know that this is a Christmas like no other, but will it be one they will never forget?

The Ice Dragon is available from Amazon here.

Imagine Little Ones Written by Coline Benjamin 

Imagine Little Ones Written by Coline Benjamin

This simple narrative set to encourage your child’s imagination and creative thinking make for a perfect book to read aloud for toddlers and young children. And an excellent gift for the littlest readers, primary school children and kid lovers alike. 

Imagine Little Ones is a testament to the enduring connection between stories, siblings-parents, and hope.

Author Coline Benjamin is an author, a beauty entrepreneur and mother of two kids. Coline creates fun, imaginary, thoughtful illustrations for children’s books and more.

With a style that combines a light-hearted approach with sophisticated intelligence, practicality Coline delivers simple, approachable content and illustrations with unmistakable depth.  This book is eloquent, ambitious with a timeless message about growing up, aspirations and the love between siblings.

Children’s Picture Book. Ages 3-8

Chloe’s Promise 

Chloe’s Promise

Chloe’s Promise is a delightful book for children aged 3-7 years. Profits from this book will be donated to Momentum Children’s Charity ( The story is about a little friendly ant named Chloe and her brothers and sisters, who are very busy collecting food for the winter. On a sunny day, while watching all their insect friends playing, the little ants wish they could have a break to join them and have some fun together. However, they need permission from their parents. Chloe decides to ask their Mum and Dad for a day of freedom and, in doing so, she and her brothers make a very important promise.

Through the illustrations and the use of simple language, children can identify with the main characters, comparing themselves to small, hard-working, determined, and disciplined ants.

This book is illustrated and painted using watercolour, rather than digital processing, to keep it as simple as possible. The spots of colour in most of the pages, which give the impression of unfinished work, is the specific intention of the graphic designer, to share the idea that nothing is perfect with readers.

Author Barbara Panetta is an Italian – British published author, artist, and linguist, who lives in Richmond with her family and her golden retriever. 

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