Corporate branding with Embroidered Hats

Corporate branding with Embroidered Hats

Clean, simple and straight to the point.

Having worked with many company’s over the years, the placement of a company logo or message has to be done tastefully. It must be well-positioned for maximum impact visually, thought must be put into your chosen colour and of course, look professional too. Branded merchandise done in the correct way can complete a work uniform with style and class.

HelloPrint is a ‘one-stop’ online printing facility who specialise in print products for every event or occasion. Ranging from flyers, invitations, business cards to banners and beach flags, a huge selection to accommodate your personal as well as company requirements.

Through visual design, branding can have an incredibly positive impact on the company or message you are trying to portray. A brand becomes recognisable to customers and provides them with trust, which can create company loyalty and inevitably help build your business.

Why invest in business workwear?

Some businesses like to invest in workwear to help build corporate and brand image. When it comes to marketing through your uniform, branded work clothing can help keep staff looking professional and presentable to both management and to the public. Keep you branding subtle (more doesn’t necessarily mean better) on a t-shirt, apron or hat.

It is worth considering that your business logo, brand colours and employee names included on work clothing can transform your staff into moving advertisements for your company.

I have turned time and time again to HelloPrint whose operations are based in the UK in Liverpool. They offer an affordable print service with precision and reliability. Their platform is fast and efficient, you simply look for what you want, follow the easy step by step ordering process, place your orders via their website, upload your design, and they will take care of the rest, delivering the finished product to your doorstep. It’s that easy…

In their clothing a textile section, I find the embroidered baseball and beanie hats particularly tasteful, the beanies have a great selection of styles and look particularly cool with the embroidery work, which you can order in up to 12 colours.

As well as a high standard of work ethic I love the fact that HelloPrint takes time out to work with their local people in the community, and the planet too by supporting over 100 local initiatives that contribute to a better world annually.

Poppy Watt

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