Your Best Guide to Choosing the Proper Venue for Your Event 

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 Your Best Guide to Choosing the Proper Venue for Your Event 

Planning an event is a big deal unless you already have years of experience and expertise behind you. But even if you are a veritable expert at planning different events, you can still have a bit of difficulty finding the proper venue if you aren't sure what to look for or if you aren't sure what you require. Finding the right site is a tricky thing, and it makes all the difference when it comes to the success of your event. Before you even begin searching for a venue, you have to determine a few factors first. Here, then, is your best guide to choosing the proper venue for your event.

Your budget and the cost 

One of the primary considerations in regard to choosing any venue is your budget and the cost of the venue. You probably already have an estimate in mind, but this estimate can change as you go along. Various places may give you different calculations, of course, and you have to think about incidentals or extra charges per room, per person, and the like. Before you do anything else, have a good estimate of your budget and your budget limit. Know as well that you may go over this limit, so factor in a little bit more than you were planning to spend. And before you put your signature to anything, make sure to confirm whatever is included. You can also try to negotiate as well – it doesn't hurt to see if you can get a better price or a better deal. If you want to save a bit more, you can opt for certain days of the week; weekends are usually costlier, so it pays to be flexible with the dates you choose. It follows, of course, that your contract should contain details such as the date, the total cost, and the times. 

The venue’s location 

The venue’s location is another crucial consideration, one that you shouldn’t take lightly. Convenience is key, so the venue should be easily accessible either by public transport or private transport. To be sure, do some research on links to public transportation, access or proximity to airports, onsite parking, valet services, and so on. 

The season and the date(s) of your event 

Some of us may think that the date of the event doesn’t have much of an impact, but it does. For example, various factors can have an influence on your preferred or chosen date(s). Whilst the weather in the UK will always be unpredictable, you should at least have a venue that can provide you with nice outdoor facilities in the summer and a cosy space with a fireplace in the winter. And if you book an event venue with a garden, it’s best to make sure that the venue has a plan B if the weather turns sour. 

When it comes to seasons, remember this: there are peak seasons during the year, and it's always best to reserve your venue in advance. Hire the event venue as soon as you can – ideally, as soon as you have determined your budget. If you can’t arrange the venue right away or you need to plan everything at the last minute, there are some venues which may be able to offer you some last-minute deals or discounts (although it’s not really recommended to wait until the last minute, it may work if you have no other choice). 

The capacity 

Of course, the capacity of the venue is a major consideration, so you should determine your guest list as soon as possible. Make sure the venue you choose is the right size for your guest list, and always make sure there is enough room for a few unexpected guests!

Lee Bastin