World Milk Day or World Gin Day – take your pick!

Rose Scented Gin

World Milk Day or World Gin Day – take your pick!

Did you know it is World Milk Day on June 1? No, neither did I! But I received a press release about this from a nutritionist called Lily Souter that gave me food for thought.  Apparently, in 2001 the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations selected June 1 as World Milk Day to celebrate the important contributions of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods, and nutrition.  Try telling that to your Vegan friends!

The negatives of cow’s milk:  “Cow’s milk isn’t harmful or bad for us in any way. It contains a range of vitamins and minerals, which support bone health including calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and the often forgotten, iodine. Despite the vast amount of negative press, cows milk is not full of growth hormones – There has been a ban on injecting cows in the UK for many years.”

“The negatives associated with cow’s milk are often confused with an individual’s genetics and lifestyle. If you're lactose intolerant, a common digestive problem where the body is simply unable to digest lactose (a type of sugar mainly found in milk), then you will suffer from bloating and IBS like symptoms. As well as this, if you have a cows’ milk allergy you can suffer from a wide range of symptoms, including skin reactions, digestive problems, and hay fever-like symptoms.” 

“Many are concerned about the saturated fat content in milk. If you consume whole fat milk as well as many high-fat dairy products you could be consuming more than 20g of saturated fat a day – which could lead to high cholesterol levels and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. With this being said, if you don’t have a fatty diet, consuming full-fat milk can be a great way to reap in the added benefits including fat-soluble nutrients, vitamin D and to some extent Vitamin A.”

The Truth about milk alternatives – Are they beneficial to our diets or just watery versions? “They’re not harmful as long as you’re selecting the right ones. Watch out for added sugar and make sure they have the added vitamins and minerals. Some milks state that they have vitamins & minerals added. Always check the labels, if Calcium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D haven’t been added and you’re cutting these out, you could be at risk of developing deficiencies. Iodine is often forgotten about, I have only come across one milk alternative, an oat milk from M&S, that has added iodine.” 

That said, the Rude Health range, (my ‘go-to’ brand if I want to avoid milk) prefers to offer products that act as an alternative to cow’s milk but not a replacement so they aren’t fortified. Your own diet should be adjusted to make sure that you have the vitamins and minerals you need.  The company has some interesting information on the website here There are in nine varieties of milk alternative from Rude Health – as well as the absolutely delicious chocolate hazelnut drink. They are widely available in most supermarkets.

But next Saturday is World Gin Day!  Quite a few supermarkets are having gin promotions next week, including Lidl, Aldi, Marks & Spencer (which, incidentally has this divine rose scented gin at £25).  Delicately-scented spirit is infused with floral botanicals from the Old Curiosity Distillery in Edinburgh. When tonic is added, the rose gin transforms from a pale gold to brighter pink shade. That sounds much more exciting to me!

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