Tea: best drink of the hottest day

Peach Lemonade from teapigs

Tea: best drink of the hottest day

Phew, what a scorcher this week has been! With the temperatures soaring and suntans deepening, we’ve all been reaching for cold drinks and our fridges have been working overtime.

I’ve taken to enjoying cold-infused tea, and not only is it so refreshing and delicious, but it is also calorie-free and relatively inexpensive to prepare. For some years now I had been making pots of fruit tea in the summer, allowing it to go cold, then chilling (the tea I mean, not me!). Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to cold infused tea at an event where the people from Jing Tea were serving their classy jasmine tea - cold-infused... and it was fabulous.

By coincidence, I discovered that teapigs - a local, ethical company based just down the road in Brentford - has launched a couple of great new products. The first is a range of ‘Feel Good Teas’ (or ‘teas with benefits’ as they call them). There are three new ones in the range and they include a happy (uplifting – with lemon balm) calm (relaxing with valerian) and trim (metabolism tea – which has the active ingredient of guarana). The original ones are a detox tea, a sleepy tea and an up beet (energy tea). You can enjoy them in the standard way, but most of them are also delicious infused in cold water overnight.

So, if it wasn’t enough to have discovered these lovely fruit teas, I then found out that teapigs has also launched a Peach Lemonade iced tea - and it is divine! It’s a fruity combination of peach, blueberry, apple and lemon that apparently tastes just like a classic peach ice tea. (not that I had ever tried one). I would urge you to experiment with making cold infused tea – you can sweeten it if you have a sweet tooth, but in my opinion, this isn’t necessary. Try various teas and flavours and you can even mix two different ones in the same jug. Teapigs suggest that you make their peach lemonade with a small amount of hot water then add cold water and ice, but I tried both ways and think it is better made entirely with cold water and left for a few hours for the flavour to develop.

The teapigs range is stocked by Waitrose, Wholefoods and As Nature Intend- ed in Richmond, but they don’t necessarily have the whole range. You can also buy directly online at teapigs.co.uk. Other fruit teas are available too.

Go on... chill! 

Mrs Foodie

Twickenham Tribumne