The 'Sugar Snub - Eating Out Guide'

Sugar Snub Eating out Guide

The 'Sugar Snub - Eating Out Guide'

We all know that eating too much sugar can be harmful to our bodies, causing increasing levels of tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Sugar can also have positive effects on your life and metabolism; the most obvious being it has a high calorie content that gives your body energy. However, as a nation we consume far too much sugar in our diet and much of it is hidden in our food and drink.

At home we can control over our sugar intake, but when eating out in restaurants, cafes and coffee shops we are less aware of sugar content.

The 'Sugar Snub - Eating Out Guide' is a unique and practical guide detailing the sugar content of menus at a variety of high street food chains and cafes, giving the reader the ability to make sensible choices when dining out. It's amazing how high the sugar content is in some perceived healthier alternatives. The listings helpfully demonstrate the sugar content in order of teaspoons (tsp) in food and drink, helping consumers to make sugar smart choices. Also included are fat, saturated fat, salt and calories.

This is a welcome addition, since the UK Government and World Health Organisation in 2015 advised consumption of added sugar should be reduced to 5% of daily calories. Current consumption is up to 15%.

This book demonstrates how sugar in our diet has spiraled out of control, and acts as an aid to making more informed choices while eating out. A visit to Starbucks shows a perceived healthy snack such as a granola bar contains 6.5tsp of sugar, whereas a butter croissant only 1tsp. Skip down the road to Costa and a ‘refreshing’ Mango Creamy Cooler contains 16.5tsp of sugar, nearly 2.5 times the recommended sugar intake for someone 11+years. Pudding options are astounding; Weatherspoon’s Ice Cream Sundae provides a whopping 24tsp, but Zizzi Gelato 1.5tsp per scoop.

Surprisingly sugar is also hiding in many savoury products making it difficult to choose wisely. However, a quick scan of the Guide's listings show the best options to choose, even the healthiest pizza bases.

The menu listings are comprehensive and include: Starbucks, Costa, Caffé Nero, Pret a Manger, Zizzi, Carluccios, Nando’s, Pizza Express, Yo Sushi, Wagamama, Wetherspoons, Domino’s, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Subway.

Sugar Snub was born when Claire White, 38 at the time with a young son, became sugar free following treatment for breast cancer. Towards the end of treatment Claire researched and learned of the link between cancer spread and sugar. Her mission now is to raise awareness of the health implications of excess sugar, and provide practical resources to help reduce consumption.

Sugar Snub has joined forces with the Sugar Smart campaign in Brighton and Hove, this is a joint initiative from the council, Food Partnership and Jamie Oliver Food Foundation that looks at what we can all do at home, in schools and in shops, restaurants, cafes and takeaways to tackle this issue.

Sugar Snub Founder Claire White comments, “Britain is in the middle of an obesity epidemic, and sugar is a large contributing factor. The messages about the danger of excess sugar are reaching the public, but time pressures, confusing labeling and sly marketing mean making informed choices is a challenge. My aim is to give the public access to clear, concise information regarding the sugar content in food and drink whether you are cooking at home or eating out, and to provide advice on sugar reduction whilst highlighting the dangers to health and wellbeing."

Having read and ingested the contents of the book I have found it a fascinating read. Awareness is the key and it is surprising to see the exceptionally high sugar content of some of the everyday items we eat without a second thought of the contents. It has made me more aware of my choices and the book being a convenient size allows me to carry it around in my handbag. My handy little heath bible is a well-read addition to my ever-growing library.

The Sugar Snub Guide to Eating Out is available as a paperback and ebook from, and Amazon and is priced at £8.99 and £3.99 respectively.

Poppy Watt.

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