Stellar Non Stick Electric Wok

Stellar Electric Wok

Stellar Non Stick Electric Wok

I thought I had every cooking utensil I would ever need in my kitchen. When I had the opportunity to try the electric wok from Stellar, I was skeptical at first and felt, along with my selection of existing pots and pans; I had no call for it. How wrong could I be!

Having looked at the unopened box for over a week wondering where this would fit into my cooking schedule I reluctantly opened it.

To my joy and surprise, it looked impressive, a super, large sized vessel that made my existing wok look pretty inadequate. With its generous 35cm diameter, it’s easy to achieve perfect stir fry results to feed the family.

It was not as cumbersome as I had imagined, as the electric plug in cable is discreet and pleasing to the eye. The wok has a PFOA Free non stick to ensure that clean up is easy and hassle free, and has large carrying handles so you can simply detach power cord and serve straight to the table. 

With a practical vented glass lid, this allows you to steam your food and cook to your desired level

I have consistently used the electric wok with pleasing results. The Stellar Electric Wok is highly efficient, there are variable heat temperatures and the body of the pan responds instantly to the heat selection by heating up and cooling down rapidly with the fast, circular heating element situated underneath. 

Unless you have a specific wok burner on your stove Stellar believe you will struggle to get a more reactive wok and I tend to agree. Furthermore, it achieves the high temperatures associated with traditional Wok Cooking. 

I hate to say it but this is now my true kitchen buddy. I can choose to cook in the kitchen or make a show at the table when entertaining.

There is a 2-year domestic electrical guarantee. It is supplied in a gift box with full instruction manual. 

ASP £50

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Poppy Watt