Retro Pastimes for Female Millennials


4 Retro Pastimes That Attract Female Millennials

We’ve come a long way as women in the last 100 years. From being granted the right to vote in the UK in 1918 (technically 1928 without restrictions), to being able to do anything a man can do today, women have a lot of options when it comes to living vast and varied lifestyles. While a lot of emphasis has been put on ensuring that women can have action-packed hobbies where they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, there’s absolutely no shame in getting involved with traditionally feminine activities, too. These four hobbies are coming back in a big way, and why not? After all, life is all about having choices, for every woman, man and child.


You know what’s never going to go out of style? Fashion. Needlework isn’t all about mending other people’s garments; it’s actually an exciting skill, which can make your individual look stand out.

Imagine you could amend, take in and customise your own special pieces to your heart’s content? That’s the train a lot of savvy, fashion-conscious women have already boarded, and there’s absolutely nothing to say that you can’t, too.

Knitting is also a pretty awesome, vintage hobby as well. The past-time has transformed in recent years, and groups aimed at a new generation are popping up all over the UK. You can make toys, garments, science experiments and even get involved with taxidermy (!).


You know who should love cooking? EVERYONE. You get to be creative, and you get to eat delicious food, too – honestly, what’s not to love? Now that the emphasis isn’t just making sure there’s a meal on the table when your man gets home, it’s literally open season(ing) on delicious, tasty creations.

If you’re clueless in the kitchen, that’s no excuse. Food blogs are all the rage these days, packed with plenty of ideas for even the most clumsy of cooks. If reading a recipe is just too much, though, you can check out Youtube tutorials, or even follow those mini vids that pop up on Facebook food pages all the time. They’re enough to make your mouth water, and you can watch on the go – so you can get inspired on the way home from work, just in time to hit the supermarket!


It’s time to cast aside your perception of bingo as something only your granny does. These days it’s back in a big way, and this news could come to you just in time for your next big night out.

Bongo’s Bingo offers an awesome bingo-meets-rave experience, meaning you’ve got the perfect excuse to grab the girls for a fun mix of partying, DJs and of course, the thrill of getting to scream bingo.

It’s not just parties which have revived the craze for the 21st Century, though. There are lots of websites offering a range of themes and types for you to try; and online bingo is now well and truly a millennial game, partly in thanks to their targeting to appeal to the younger generation. Many offer “bingo lingo” guides and tips as well, so you’ll not only understand how to play through an app, but you’ll also have far less questions when you head for your boozy bingo experience, too. Just as well, because we doubt anyone would hear you over the music!

Joining All-Girl Organisations

Mixing between the sexes is a great thing, but sometimes it’s nice to feel a solidarity in something akin to a sisterhood. In the past, women’s organisations were often focused on stereotypical gender roles, but now they offer so much more. Some groups actively campaign for equal rights, others meet to serve the community, and others are sports teams, whilst others still are true all-rounders.

For example, the Women’s Institute had fallen out of fashion somewhat, as many women rejected its traditional image. However, a revamp has shown it offering plenty more exciting options, recognising that all who identify as women are different, and their interests reflect as such. Joining truly enriches lives, including the opportunity to learn valuable life skills, the chance to campaign about important world issues, and the experience of meeting incredible, inspirational speakers who also happen to be women. A growing number of members are under 35, which means that meetings are increasingly being held in pubs and offer a great opportunity to make friends, in an era where it’s easy for a woman to find a date online on an app, without the opportunity to meet like-minded female companions for friendships as an adult!

Women really can do anything – so do whatever it is you enjoy. “Throwback Thursday” isn’t just for Instagram, and it isn’t just for Thursdays!

Poppy Watt