Naturally Healthy Nutrition for Vegans


Naturally Healthy Nutrition for Vegans.

On a recent writing holiday I was interested to see around 30% of the writers, film makers, and poets were vegan and our hosts were providing a good range of vegan meals.  

Plant-based eating is becoming more popular, with a burgeoning growth on social media, and more shops and restaurants catering to the vegan consumer.

People are increasingly adopting vegan diets, either because of the ethical concern towards animals and the environment or because they see a vegan diet as a healthy one.

Phewl Nutrition was born out of a desire to bring naturally healthy nutrition products to better serve the vegan community Phewl are committed to delivering plant-based nutritional products to support a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Aimed at the quickest growing number of vegans, those with food allergies as well as those following a flexitarian diet (flexitarian marries two words: flexible and vegetarian). The flexitarian diet is a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat.

The number of people following a plant-based diet in the UK has increased by 350% in the past 10 years, from 150,000 to 542,000. Whether you are a committed vegan, have to manage a dietary intolerance, which has also shown significant growth over the years, or just want to follow more of a plant-based diet then Phewl’s nutrition products are perfect for you.

The range consists of the following:

Plant Powered Protein Powder – this delivers 22g of (mainly pea, some rice) protein per 30g serving and comes in two delicious flavours: banana (with a yummy hint of toffee) and vanilla latte. Pea protein is known as the non-dairy muscle builder. The ingredient is becoming more popular with gym goers, aiding muscle growth and weight loss.

The protein powders are great in a shake in the morning or can be easily added to your own recipes. They deliver good, healthy, natural goodness and only 111 calories per serving. From trialling the product, personally, I would suggest a blender for mixing, as it is slightly grainier in consistency than other regular shakes on the market.

Supercharged Oats - Oats are a great source of fibre and complex carbohydrates for a slow energy release that will help you feel great throughout a busy day. Wanting to take this one step further Phewl have added some of nature’s most powerful medicinal ingredients…..flax seed, cacao, chia seed and goji berry, adding a boost of nutrients to your breakfast. These supercharged oats are deliciously healthy whether you are making your morning porridge, soaking them overnight or mixing in your breakfast smoothie.

The range also includes four types of capsules, designed as a convenient way to help supplement your diet around a busy, modern lifestyle. 

Energy Boost capsules – contain ingredients that will boost energy levels, and a range of vitamins that will have a positive impact on your metabolism and help fight fatigue.

Healthy Happy Gut capsules - We are increasingly aware how important it is to look after our gut.

Phewl’s Proprietary Botanical Blend is made up of cinnamon, turmeric, fennel seed, ginger, cayenne, coriander and cumin. These ingredients aided with two probiotics are designed to help promote a healthy and happy stomach.

Carb Blocker capsules - A vegan capsule made primarily from kidney bean extract that helps your body to slow down the absorption of simple carbohydrates. Often used alongside the Phewl weight loss capsules. 

Weight Loss capsules - these vegan friendly weight loss capsules contain konjac glucomannan, which expands in the stomach and acts to help suppress appetite and aid weight loss.

Phewl range of vegan friendly products are all…

FREE from dairy

FREE from gluten

FREE from soya

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Poppy Watt