Low carb, high protein noodles.


Low carb, high protein noodles.

oomi have produced a noodle that contains 75% less carbohydrates than your average noodle, but also manages to pack a serious protein punch, with nearly 13g of high quality protein per serving.

These noodles are a winner for everyone living an active and healthy lifestyle. The low carbohydrate levels of oomi are great news for waistlines, whilst their superior protein source, sustainably sourced white fish, provides important nutrition that helps keep hunger at bay and enables your body to recover faster.

oomi aren’t just about nutrition. They’re tasty, convenient and gluten free.

So versatile these noodles are ideal to be thrown in the wok, heated in the microwave and even eaten cold from the pack in vibrant salads.

Why not try this delicious, warming recipe and see for yourself.

Soulful Miso Broth with Noodles


500ml water

1 carrot sliced into half moons

½ onion sliced

½ red chilli sliced thinly

Handful of shredded kale

Rapeseed oil for frying

1-2 tbsp brown miso paste

6 shitake mushrooms

1 portion of oomi noodles

1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

Soy sauce (optional)

Sliced spring onions to garnish


Pour the water into a saucepan and warm gently

Flash fry carrots, onions, kale and chilli in a splash of rapeseed oil

Mix miso paste and a small amount of water to loosen.

Add your vegetables to the saucepan with the mushrooms and miso paste, mix gently.

Simmer until vegetables are gloriously tender

Add noodles and simmer for 1 minute

Scatter onions into the broth.

Serve and Enjoy!


Available now from Ocado and in large Tesco stores from the end of January.

For more details head over to www.oominoodles.com

Poppy Watt