Judge Carving Knife

Makes light work of meats and crusty loaves!

Judge Carving Knife

Makes light work of meats and crusty loaves!

Electric knife, also known as an electric carving knife has been getting more popular as a kitchen ‘must have’ in recent years.

However, this doesn't mean that it is a new invention. The first one was made in 1939. 

Most of our kitchen gadgets are to help speed up the process of time spent in the kitchen and the modern day electric knives have evolved in terms of features and benefits they offer, thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. 

A regular task like carving a joint for example is an art, a tradition handed down from generation to generation, the serrated blades will take the strain out of carving meat giving you a perfect, thin slice with every stroke. On the other end of the scale will make light work of slicing an everyday item such as bread.

Judge had designed this kitchen device with a thoughtful ergonomic handle, which offers a safe and comfortable grip and the carving knife is simple to operate thanks to its thumb tip power button and blade release.

Cleaning is also made simple thanks to the detachable blade system and for peace of mind, the electric carving knife comes with a Judge 2 year domestic guarantee.

It's simple to operate; the on/off button and a blade-release button are clearly positioned on the handle, which is comfortable to hold.  The blades are dishwasher safe.

The 150-160w motor is strong enough and the dual, serrated, stainless steel blades carve and slice effortlessly giving expert results every time.

So, if you are looking for a great gift idea or to speed things up in your kitchen, our friends at Judge have the perfect solution.

RRP £38.00

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Poppy Watt