How to Create a Website and Start Blogging in a Matter of Minutes

Creating a website is now relatively easy with the many options available, but it’s still crucial you do it the right way if you want your audience to take you seriously. If you’re looking to get a website online quickly, your options of a custom web development solution go out the window. However, it’s not all doom and gloom if you still want a professional website with blogging capabilities, though, and the below solutions are available to you.

Take Advantage of an Online Website Builder

There are many positives to using an online website builder -getting a website online in a matter of minutes being one of them. You’re often limited in terms of the templates you can use, but the templates available are professionally developed so your website won’t look anything short of quality. 

There are free solutions available, but it’s worth paying a monthly fee to create your own website so you get a free domain and many other features free solutions don’t provide.Creating a website this way is fast, easy, and professional. Depending on your web development skills will influencewhat you can get out of a website builder, but even “newbies” have an easy time creating websites that their online businesses thrive from. 

WordPress is Your Friend

If you are tech savvy when it comes to websites, taking advantage of the WordPress platform is always an option. WordPress is a blogging platform but, thanks to the many free themes and plugins on offer, it’s relatively easy to create a full-scale e-commerce site with blogging capabilities in minutes. Installing WordPress is simple and hassle-free these days. Simply log in to your hosting provider and use the one-click features on offer (for cPanel users). If the host you use doesn’t have cPanel, they’ll likely have another simple optionthat makes this process easy.

Download a Free Template

Once you’ve purchased web hosting, you do have numerous other options depending on your requirements. You’ll need to have technical experience and the ability to grasp the HTML/CSS programming language, but if you just need a basic website so your clients can get in contact with you, it could be an option worth considering. If you need help, look at this helpful guide. You can also download a range of free templates here that have responsive features so your mobile users have an easy time navigating. 

As far as a blog is concerned, you’ll need to setup an account with one of the popular blogging platforms like Tumblr and link to your blog externally. Of course, this option isn’t the most professional solution to getting a website online, but if you’re only looking for a basic website to display your contact information and previous work, it’s always worth considering. If you’re serious about your business and online ventures, though, it would be best to invest in a premium template to give your site character. 

Your Other Options

Many web hosts now come with cPanel and a range of features to help you get a site online quickly with minimum hassle. As stated above, cPanel will enable you to setup a WordPress blog in a matter of minutes, but if you need something different, you could also look at forum community options and other CMSs (Content Management Systems) like Drupal and Magento. Most of the popular CMSs come with blogging plugins/features so you can create a blog and a full-scale website with one solution.

There are now many ways to get a website online in a matter of minutes, but if you require a professional solution that’s going to boost conversions, a website builder or a WordPress environment could pay dividends.

Katie Johnson