How can vaping in the summer help you quit smoking?

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How can vaping in the summer help you quit smoking?

Sadly it is currently women who are more likely to suffer the health risks of smoking tobacco as they are less likely to switch to vaping than men.

According to an Adam Smith Institute report 8.9% of young men vape, but for women, it is just 2.6%. However, women are continuing to smoke with nearly 16% of women aged 16-24 smoking.

Complete abstinence from nicotine is ideal, but smoking can be excruciatingly hard to give up when choosing the cold turkey approach. Vaping provides a much more realistic way of giving up smoking for good by using a harm reduction technique and most importantly - no tobacco.

A report by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that e-cigarette users are more likely than non-users to successfully quit smoking. In fact, e-cigarette users were also much more likely than non-users to try to quit smoking in the first place.

Public Health England (PHE) highlights the benefits of vaping instead of smoking by stating that it is at least 95% safer than smoking. E-cigarettes could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year and possibly many more. As a result, the NHS promotes vaping for temporary use as a way of giving up smoking.

So, how can vaping in summer help you to quit smoking for good?

Switch to vaping for the summer social season

Summer is the perfect time to make the decision to swap smoking for vaping as we all tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. When outside, others are less likely to notice vaping clouds and you are less likely to feel self-conscious.

Whether you are in the park, at a festival, on the beach or chilling in your back garden with a BBQ, there is an added temptation to smoke cigarettes at social occasions outside without the limits of indoor smoking regulations - so swap the cigarette for an e-cigarette.

Vapers are treated as smokers inside most public premises which implies there might be some danger in second-hand vapour. However, there is no proven health risk to second-hand vapour so it is perfectly acceptable to vape outside at a summer social occasion (...and also safe indoors, despite policies).

Numerous scientific studies investigating second-hand vapour have been actively searching for things to worry about and have found nothing. In ‘Nicotine Without Smoke’, a review by the Royal College of Physicians, they found that there is currently no direct evidence that suggests that passive exposure to second-hand vapour is likely to cause any significant harm.

There is no doubt that vapers still need to be courteous and refrain from blowing huge vaping clouds in public as some people a bothered by certain vape smells and flavours. However, as opposed to second-hand cigarette smoke, there is certainly no harm caused to others when vaping in public.

Choose refreshing summer themed e-liquids

E-liquid flavours follow a seasonal trend just like the food and drink we consume depending on the weather. We all tend to go for comfort food and warming, spicy smells in the winter and fresher, lighter foods and smells in summer. The same applies to what e-liquid flavours appeal with the season.

To help to entice smokers to stop smoking and take up vaping, there is a huge array of flavours out there to make vaping appealing.

Smoking cigarettes will mean that your clothes, home, and breath will reek of stale cigarette smoke, no matter how hard you try to conceal it. In contrast, vaping offers pleasant smells and tastes to suit your mood.

Vapers naturally tend to choose summer themed e-liquids in the summertime such as menthol or mint flavours, fruits, lemonade or ice cream and cocktail flavours.

Travelling and vaping is easier than travelling and smoking

E-cigarettes and mods are better travel companions than cigarettes and just knowing that you will not be harming anyone else with second-hand smoke should be a huge incentive to vape instead.

Pack a travel vaping kit wherever you go over the summer so that you can stop any craving for smoking in its tracks.

Without cigarette breaks on your journey, you will also smell more pleasant to those who surround you on different modes of transport. There will be no need for gum-chewing or spraying a perfume to try in vain to cover the smell of cigarettes.

Just make sure that you store your vaping equipment in a cool, dry place, out of the sun. As vaping kits have electronic components and heat can damage the battery, they are better kept out of direct sunlight.

Also, make sure that you have extra e-juice, an extra charger and an extra battery for journeys that take longer than planned, don’t let a delay threaten your quest to successfully stop smoking.

Check out the vaping information for any mode of transport that you will be using on your trip. Also, check the vaping laws in the country you are visiting - not everyone is as forward-thinking as the UK when it comes to vaping.

The Royal College of Physicians urged promotion of the use of e-cigarettes as widely as possible as a substitute for smoking and the NHS have supported this by promoting e-cigarettes as a way of quitting smoking for good.

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to quit smoking by switching to vaping while outside on holiday and during outdoor events while summer socialising. With the success rates amongst vapers high to kick the smoking habit for good - seize this seasonal opportunity.

Poppy Watt