Hair Trends For 2017

Hair Trends

Each year, celebrities and fashion houses set the trends we all try to copy with our hair, our clothes and our make up whether we think we’re immune to it or not. It’s safe to say that it’s no bad thing; fashion allows us to take risks with our hair that might seem strange otherwise. Take Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart with their recent bleach blonde buzz cuts. 

Here, we look at the styles you can achieve, no matter what sort of state your hair is in. With the range of permanently fixed and clip on extensions available now, in luxurious real hair colours, you can just about manage any hairstyle out there this season. 

Plait it like it’s hot

Whether you suck at plaiting your hair or you’re a genius with braids, it doesn’t matter because these up dos are all about texture. Simply split your hair into three different sections (two sides and a top part) then twist or plait youhair so that it meets at the nape of your neck, where you can secure it in a neat bun. This is more easily achieved with hair that’s around two-days into it’s wash - clean hair can be too smooth unless you apply a texturisingspray. 

Be more Matilda

You don’t have to start reading mountains of books for this one; we’re talking about Matilda’s ribbons. According to EllE magazine: “ribbons are officially back.” Remember you can lengthen your hair with some extensions, and then create a centre parting before fastening a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. With ribbon, it’s a case of the bigger the better and velvet is definitely chic. 

50 shades of colour

Rainbow hair, mermaid hair, peachy hair, denim hair, colour has been going wild this year. You can either fully commit with a full head of rainbow hair, from dark blues, greens and blacks to the brighter colours or you can opt for the ‘secretive’ rainbow trend. You will have to speak to your stylist about your options, but we recommend starting off in small sections in case you don’t like it. 

Get back on the pony

The ponytail is making a big comeback over the summer,which is a relief as it’s one of the easiest and most complementary styles to master. You need good length for a good ponytail because texture is everything. Take inspiration from Pippa Middleton’s Wimbledon look and keep a few strands of hair loose around your face in relaxed curls and messily fix the rest of your hair in a tousled pony tail near the crown of your head and fix with a bit of hair spray. 

Try out some of these looks this year and nail these 2017 hair trends.

Sophie Davidson