Gifts with Royal Flavour

Bespoke Rocking Horse

Gifts with Royal Flavour 

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a rocking horse…..


Historic Royal Palaces has hundreds of gifts at a range of prices, all taking their inspiration from the architecture, interiors, gardens and monarchs of famous royal residences, including the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

Selections of palace inspired gifts are available on their online shop, ranging in price from pennies to thousands of pounds.  Historic Royal Palaces ensures that profits from every gift enable the charity to continue its work of conserving and maintaining these magnificent palaces for future generations.

Horses have long featured as favourites with our monarchy so a rocking horse seems a natural for the Historic Royal Palaces range.  Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, backdrop to some of the most significant moments in her life. A keen equestrian, she was often seen riding in the grounds of Kensington Palace from childhood. She even received animals as gifts, including two Shetland ponies. Her beloved horse, Taglioni, was named after her favorite ballet dancer, Marie Taglioni.

Fine rocking horses are irresistible and Historic Royal Palaces have a wonderful bespoke rocking horse on sale for £4,800. With a real horsehair mane and tail, this is a limited edition of only 20, so if you want to invest don’t delay!  Created and carved in the English countryside, this rocking horse will delight children and be a magnificent gift to pass on to future generations. A smaller version is also available, and priced £750.

This could make you the most popular parent or grandparent – you could even name it Taglioni.

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Poppy Watt