Get Beach Doggy Ready!

Beach doggy ready!

Get Beach Doggy Ready!

Everyone has a towel on the beach, so why not the dog?

Dogs are happy to get sodden, sandy and smelly on the beach, but a damp, whiffy dog in a sand-filled car isn't much fun on the way home.

Ruff and Tumble are the UK's best sellers of towelling dressing gowns for dogs. Called Drying Coats, they make holidays with wet dogs much easier.

Made of a high-quality, super-absorbent, double layer of cotton towelling, they wick away wet from the fur and dry a dog faster and better than rubbing ineffectually with thin towels. The wide belly strap and hoody hold in sand, mud and musty dog whiffs.

The Drying Coats fit all breeds and size of dog from 1-80+Kg, come in seven stock colours and are priced from £26 for a size XXXS.

Everything made at Ruff and Tumble is designed with dogs and their owners in mind. The Dog Drying Robes, Mitts, Bed Covers, Sofa Throws, and Aprons are the ultimate solution for managing wet dogs. 

Don't forget to pack the dog's towel this summer holiday, and then you'll be beach doggy ready too!

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Poppy Watt