Fuel And Recovery for Dancers

Dancers tights

Dancer’s DIY: Tips and Tricks For Fuel And Recovery

Dance is fun! But, a pro dancer will tell you that it requires serious effort. Dancing improves your physical body, sharpens your mental abilities and improves your ability to sleep. Dance affects every part of your body! It is a great way to get and stay healthy.

Here are some tips gathered from dancers around the world, to help you recover, and fuel your body while dancing.

Before you begin, it’s down to good preparation.

When a jogger puts on his running shoes, or a swimmer puts on her swimsuit, they are signalling the brain that they are about to begin. This changes the way you feel during your routine and helps improve the brain chemical production of “feel good” chemicals. Professional dancers usually practice in dance tights.

By eating foods that are good for you and drinking lots of fresh water and wearing the right workout clothes, you are prepared mentally and physically for your dream of dancing.

Fuelling your body.

A well-balanced diet is essential for any dancer. Because the dancer uses a lot of fuel, he or she will need at least three balanced meals per day as well as two healthy snacks. Having a good snack before and after can really help with muscle soreness, cramps, energy levels, attention span, and comfort.

Never eat on the run. Your body needs recovery time. When you stop to eat, you need to stop and allow your body to recover as it is refuelled. Before you eat, sit quietly and take 5 very deep breaths to get your blood circulation going,

Sometimes we all deserve a treat.

Small treats are not only tasty, they are mentally rewarding. Just be sure you are purchasing high-quality products and avoid eating them before your dance class as sugar highs can make focusing more difficult.

Be selective. A good candy supplier will be able to assist you with the right type of treats. Try vegan-friendly candies. Many candies are made with gelatines, which are made of beef products.  You could request sugar-free, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, kosher, and fat-free selections. By communicating with your supplier, you and your group can enjoy some sweet treats from time to time, after your class without worry. If you are confused, shop here.

As you incorporate dance into your new lifestyle, learn to listen to the things your body is telling you. Soon you will know by the way you feel, behave, and concentrate is something is off balance. As you grow into a healthy dancer, you will be glad you learned to act like one.


Sleep is the most important part of our healthy lifestyle.  Sleep is the prime time when our bodies repair itself. Certain areas of the brain do not function when you are awake. You may have taught yourself to function on less sleep, but that does not equate to a good thing for your health. In order to perform your best and feel your best, you must sleep.