Foodie advent calendars for Christmas

Buttermilk Fudge

Foodie advent calendars to whet your appetite for Christmas

There seem to be more ‘Advent’ calendars this year than ever! For years, I have faithfully purchased the Divine Chocolate one from Oxfam for my daughter, still one of the best; great value at around £4 and with quality chocolate too.  And it is also one of the very few which actually depicts anything to do with Advent, per se!  

It seems that lots of companies have jumped onto the Advent ‘bandwagon’ and one can buy anything from beer (£55 from Adnams if you’re wondering), to tea or gin plus stacks of beauty products.  If you want to splash out, the ‘Ginvent’ one from The Gin Foundry is lovely but achingly expensive at £124. 

A rather sweet (pardon the pun) one is the Buttermilk Fudge one, available online or in Waitrose at £14.99 with a small portion of fudge behind each door. 

And in the true German tradition, the archetypal marzipan company Niederegger has produced what looks like a stonker of a calendar – a pyramid, which even has 32 windows, taking you through to the New Year!  Each contains a marzipan, praline or truffle. Available at £35 from Selfridges, and other online outlets.

And good old Marks & Sparks has some classy ones (left to right below) with chocolates, including the Enchanted Forest one (£10) and the Festive Collection (£15) but my favourite, Festive Cocktails (£35) contains peach bellini truffles, buck’s fizz truffles and a bottle of sloe gin for Christmas Day!

I also noticed an unusual, calendar with 24 drawers, each containing a PLAYin CHOC cube with a mini organic dairy-free chocolate, a jigsaw puzzle toy and a fun fact card. It also has a play mat for children to play with the animal puzzles.  This is the sort of calendar that you will keep for years, and great for any children with a dairy allergy or following a vegan diet.  I was rather surprised to learn that it is also kosher!  It is available online here at £65

Finally, for the healthier, sober, chocolate-averse or whatever, here are a couple of tea calendars, one from Tea Pigs or Selfridges (£35) and the other great value one from Pukka at £10 at Wholefoods and other stockists locally.  

Whatever happened to the ones I remember from my childhood, offering just a nice picture behind each door?

Mrs Foodie

Twickenham Tribune