Emma Lomax – Aeroplane SOS kit


Emma Lomax – Aeroplane SOS kit

Your perfect travel companion

Whether it is an overnight stay, festival weekend, trip abroad or sleepover with the girls we have found the perfect travel companion.

Emma Lomax, a talented designer started embroidering from the age of 5. As a child she spent many of her weekends with her mother at the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court Palace, learning from the same seamstresses who created the embroidery work on the wedding dress of Kate Middleton.

Emma created her first label – Emma Lomax (formally SewLomax) – in 2012, and designs from her studio in London.

For a recent festival weekend visit we had the chance to try the Aeroplane SOS kit.

I like Emma’s way of thinking when it comes down to the necessities we feel we need when we are away from home. The SOS kit that contains all the little things you may need on your travels. The clear embroidered bag includes 18 premium essentials for all of life’s little emergencies;

Nail polish removal wipe,

Antibacterial wipe,

Deodorant wipe,

Hair brush and mirror,


Hair slide x 2,

Earring back x 2,

Hair tie,

Safety pin,

Lip balm,

Nail file,

Sewing kit,

Safety pin,

Ear plug,

Mini playing cards,


Toothbrush with toothpaste.

Unbelievable, that you have so many necessary goodies in this neat, compact bag. When you've finished with the kit, you are left with a beautiful embroidered wash bag to use for many holidays to come.

RRP £30.00

Creativity has always been a major part of Emma’s life. Finding the right fabric or seeing rows and row of beautiful wools, silks and cotton – or even coming across an old button can be a major inspiration.

Emma creates all the first samples herself, by hand. She will then produce limited edition runs of the product, with her talented seamstresses in India hand stitching each bag.

Because it is finished by hand, each product is slightly unique.

‘Our customers feel they don’t just own something stylish, but something individual and unique. We aim to be truly ageless and timeless.‘ 

For more information please visit MyShowcase

Poppy Watt