The Easter chocolate onslaught

Divine, the Fairtrade chocolate company

The Easter chocolate onslaught

There is something rather special about an Easter egg.  I don’t know why, but chocolate always seems to taste nicer when it’s in a curved shape! Usually, I prefer dark chocolate, but when it comes to Easter eggs I am very happy indeed with milk; there is something very comforting and nostalgic about that taste and it brings back happy childhood memories of excitement on Easter morning.  So, purely in the interests of this column you understand, I have been checking out some of this year’s best offerings.  

Divine, the Fairtrade chocolate company owned by cocoa farmers, has a great range of eggs, some of them even vegan, and widely available from Waitrose, Oxfam, and Ocado. At £10 or under you have a good choice of top quality chocolate.  

Most of the supermarkets have branded and own label eggs, but I have been particularly impressed with the range from Marks & Spencer this year.  The chocolate quality is good, the pricing seems very reasonable for the quality, and I think possibly lower than in previous years…a miracle!  There is a very indulgent Colosseum Art Deco style egg that is beautiful and the hand-decorated single origin dark chocolate feather egg is stunning (both are £15 and have mini eggs included).

If you want to indulge one of your health and diet-obsessed family members, how about a chocolate avocado?  Available online, and great to send to non-locals, from at £12, it makes a fun and unusual Easter gift.  The company also offers a giant chocolate ‘Bourbon biscuit’ at £15.

I went on a trip to Lubeck in Germany recently (more of that soon) and I found that Niederegger chocolate coated marzipan eggs were delicious, making an interesting and tasty change from a chocolate egg.  They’re available in a range of flavours from Lakeland £6.99, online at Amazon, or you can buy a large bar of their delicious chocolate coated marzipan to share for just £1.50 from Waitrose or Ocado.

And if you are vegan, or want a gift for a child with a dairy allergy or intolerance, I would thoroughly recommend PLAYin CHOC. This award-winning company produces top-grade chocolate all year round and its kids' cubes animals range of little boxes at £3.50 will provide hours of play with 46 different designs to collect.  They would be an unusual and creative children’s party gift idea too.

Back on the subject of Marks & Spencer, they have some really good food on the Easter Entertaining section of the website that can be ordered for collection in store on Easter Saturday. The last day for ordering is Thursday 18 April.

Mrs Foodie

Twickenham Tribune