Don't Compromise on Comfort When Travelling This Summer

Tempur Travel Set

Don't Compromise on Comfort When Travelling This Summer

From camping, to villa holidaying, or on a long-haul journey, the right travel accessories can seriously improve your holiday experience.

Heading off on holiday is exciting, but jet lag, irregular bedtime hours and being in a new place can all impact on your sleep quality.

Most well-known for its premium mattresses, Tempur has carried out the ultimate test of its compact travel pillows this summer, handing out 500 pillows to dedicated tennis fans camping out in the Wimbledon Queue earlier this month.

Wimbledon queuers loved the product; Allison Price, despite being in a tiny tent squeezed among a tailback of hundreds of campers during a full-on heatwave, said she had “the best night's sleep” using hers. 

“Changing our sleeping routines on holiday - enjoying late nights, lie-ins, and siestas - can alter the body's internal clock and leave us feeling disorientated and irritable once we return home,” says Tobin James, Tempur UK Managing Director. “However, there are ways to ensure a good night's sleep during transit, when you stay in a new place, and once you return home.”

Tempur's range of travel accessories are made from a formulation of the brand's proprietary pressure absorbing Tempur material, originally developed by NASA scientists in the 1970s to support and cushion astronauts during lift-off. Tempur material adapts to weight and body shape, relieving pressure points and maximising support and comfort, no matter where you're trying to sleep. 

Whether planning a summer jaunt abroad or a staycation in the UK, holidaymakers shouldn't be without their trusty travel accessories to make the journey more comfortable and ensure a good night's sleep in destination. No matter how active or busy your holiday, Tempur provides the following guide to ensuring quality night-time rest whilst away from home…

Tempur's tips for sleeping well on holiday

 You can't take your mattress, but take your pillow if possible to provide the support and comfort that you're familiar with 

 The right temperature for sleep is between 16-18 degrees, so adjust your room temperature accordingly 

 Take ear plugs and an eye mask to prevent outside noise and light bothering you – both can seriously compromise our sleep quality

 Spend 15 minutes winding down in your new bedroom/caravan/tent ahead of bedtime and try to keep regular bedtime hours; this is especially important for children 

 Make the bed a 'sleep zone' and don't use it for anything else 

 Daylight can help reset your internal sleep clock, so if dealing with jetlag, take an early morning walk when you wake up in your new destination and spend time outdoors to adjust quicker

Adopt your normal routine a few days before you head home as it will make the adjustment back to everyday life a lot easier 

What's the best Tempur travel accessory for you?

1. Multi-use Tempur Comfort Travel Pillow £50.00

You can't take your mattress but a pillow can make all the difference

This versatile, petite travel pillow has many uses beyond sleeping. Handy for flights, used as an extra cushion in the car, or added to a sofa or garden chair, the Tempur Comfort Travel Pillow can be used anywhere.

2. Tempur Sleep Mask £29.00

Ideal for light sleepers and especially if travelling to destinations with longer daylight hours

The pressure-relieving Tempur material in the sleep mask ensures it moulds perfectly to your face, providing complete darkness for you to drift off undisturbed. As must-have for light sleepers and anyone travelling with children, the mask helps black out even the smallest patch of light for an easier transition to sleep.

3. Tempur Original Travel Pillow £59.00

For side and back sleepers  

A smaller version of the popular Tempur Original Pillow, this ergonomically designed travel pillow perfectly moulds to your sleep position – meaning you can enjoy a great night's sleep wherever you are.  

Complete with a specially designed travel bag, the Tempur Original Travel Pillow can be compressed by 70% when packed away, meaning it can be fitted into your suitcase or hand luggage with ease.

4. Tempur Transit Pillow £59.00 

Superior support for head and neck when sleeping inflight, onboard or on the road

Designed to fit across your shoulders, the Tempur Transit Pillow gently supports your head and neck while travelling, ideal for car or bus journeys and settling down to sleep when flying. The temperature sensitive visco-elastic filling forms around you for minimum counter pressure, for even more relaxation.

5. Tempur Travel Set £229.00

Best for frequent fliers 

Ideal for frequent travellers, the Tempur Travel Set is a portable travel package for those who can't be parted from their TEMPUR mattress or pillow.

Consisting of a travel topper and mini travel pillow packed into a convenient carrier bag on wheels, this portable travel set ensures you are comfortable no matter where your travels take you and is easy to manoeuvre through busy airports or pack into the boot of a car or coach.

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