Detox in a cup

Detox in a cup 

Detox in a cup 

If you really want to feel good this winter ensure you have some ‘drumstick tree’ to hand…

Known as the ‘miracle’ or ‘drumstick tree’, the leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, and roots of moringa are all used traditionally throughout Asia for a host of claimed health benefits.

How to include moringa in your diet…

Start your day with a mug of Natur Boutique’s organic moringa tea, which offers one of the easiest and tastiest ways to feel the benefits of the plant. The tea is one of the only organic versions available and uses the leaves of the moringa tree to create a drink that is 100% pure and free of additives, flavourings or preservatives. With a robust rich flavour, the tea offers a great way to give yourself a natural and beneficial boost.

Use one tea bag per cup. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Sweeten as desired with honey, natural sweetener or sugar.

Recent research has uncovered that on top of moringa’s traditional uses it could also help our bodies and livers better protect themselves from the onslaught of ‘poisons’.

With the health benefits as an added bonus, I was happy just to enjoy the hearty flavour of my morning brew, which I found warming and comforting with a smokey hue.

Available from or leading health stores.

Poppy Watt