Crispy way to celebrate Apple Day

Apple Day October 13th

Crispy way to celebrate Apple Day 

In 1990, dismayed by the loss of so many traditional orchards and amazed at the nearly 3,000 varieties of apples that have been grown in the UK, National Apple Day was launched to celebrate the humble fruit and the beautiful orchards it comes from. 

This year’s Apple Day falls on the 13th of October and they’re numerous events celebrating apples being held up and down the country. 

Taking part in the celebrations will be Nim’s Fruit Crisps,who use whole British apples (often those that might otherwise go to waste for not being quite the right shape or colour for the supermarkets) to produce a new and thoroughly delicious type of healthy snack; produced in their own bespoke factory in the Garden of England. 

The secret behind the incredible taste of Nim’s Apple Fruit Crisps, 
which launched earlier this year, is their simplicity. The brand, named
after creator Nimisha Raja, takes Great British apples, thinly slices and air-dries them...that’s it. Nothing’s added or taken away. By not frying the apples, not only is all oil and fat removed, but also the crisps remain exactly as they should be; crisp. It also means the full flavour of the apples is locked in and intensified, giving a fuller flavour that tantalises taste buds. 

It’s easy to appreciate these are healthy snacks. As soon as you open a bag you recognize slices of apple and quickly understand why they count as one of your five-a-day. Because the whole fruit is used, which allows the brand to operate a zero waste policy, the crisps are also jam-packed full of fibre. 

The result is a tasty and genuinely healthy alternative to potato crisps that are equally at home in an office or school lunch box and offer a great way to celebrate National Apple Day. 

Nim’s Fruit Crisps, which are also available in Pear, Beetroot & Parsnip and Pineapple varieties, are now available in Tesco, Co-Op, and Online. For further information (or to buy a pack or two) visit

Poppy Watt

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